Mark Hughes

There's a cultural chasm between City and United

Two proud clubs are situated within a few miles of each other yet there is an absolute chasm between them when it comes to their fundamental cultures. Manchester United is without doubt the biggest football name in England while Manchester City is hell bent on taking over that mantle. It’s a fight to the death as far as the blue half is concerned but throwing hundreds of millions of pounds at the challenge may only succeed in winning a few battles rather than a war. If you listen to those who have experienced life at both clubs from the inside, you begin to see how wide those cultural differences really are.

This Ferguson signing will be a Bolt out of the blue

If he had his way, the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt will be playing Premier League football for Manchester United but Sir Alex Ferguson is unlikely to take up the offer. The New York Post reports that the Olympic gold medalist has trained with German giants Bayern Munich earlier this month and was praised by the club for his soccer skills but United are his preferred choice.

A Premier League Record: Man United 9 v Ipswich 0

Four 6-0 defeats in just 20 Premier League matches! So what’s going on? Could there have been such a yawning gap created between the top and bottom of the league? Manchester United could have easily made it five 6-0 scorelines had they taken even half the hatful of chances that went begging in the 3-0 defeat of Newcastle in their opening game. Yet the newly promoted Magpies came back themselves to inflict a six goal hammering of Aston Villa a few days later.