Schalke brushed aside as United awaits Barca

The first reaction upon seeing the Manchester United starting line up was that Sir Alex Ferguson has the biggest kahunas of all European managers or that he was a fool – and we all know that he’s not an idiot. Possibly a hopeless gambler but certainly not foolish. Here he was, 90 minutes away from a third Champions League final in four years, and he makes nine changes from the team that took a 2 goal lead at Schalke last week! And his utter faith in every member of his squad proved to be absolutely correct.

United or City for Sanchez?…more transfer gossip

Transfer rumours are a dime a dozen. Very few have genuine substance so they should always be taken with a huge amount of cynicism. Yet they cannot be completely ignored in case there’s the slightest grain of truth in them. Some media outlets are obviously more reliable than others so Truly Reds is prepared to report the gossip and give a rating of 1 to 5 as to how believable it’s likely be

Forget Chelsea, Schalke is not beaten yet

It’s a well known fact that a two goal lead can be a dangerous one in football even though Manchester United obtained just that away from home and German Kicker magazine knows it. It notes that “Although Schalke were so hopelessly inferior in the first leg, they are at least verbally demonstrating optimism” when quoting the comment made by coach Ralf Rangnick who said “All we need is another performance like the first leg against Inter.” Kicker then asks “Is there a better time to imagine the impossible ahead of a match at the Theatre of Dreams?”