Serie A

Why Rooney should ignore Europe and stay home

A close look at the still developing career of Manchester United goal scoring sensation Wayne Rooney suggests that he may be well advised to forget the riches which could be awaiting him from the likes of Real Madrid and stick to the green, green grass of home. The emphasis is of course on the word ‘MAY’ because as a wise man once pointed out “Statistics are what enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions” Those statistics can nevertheless be worth having a look at because they can sometimes reveal facts which had not been previously considered.

A reality that may soon be faced at Old Trafford

As every football fan must know, there are times when the hardest thing to face is reality. Ewood Park towards the end of last season was one example when the loss of two points looked certain to cost Manchester United a record fourth consecutive Premier League title. It was a reality which was replaced with forlorn hope that a miracle might still occur and without wanting to wish it, there’s a danger that another real possibility will have to be faced in the coming weeks.