11 thoughts on “The Modern Football Slavery by Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. people in africa got no money to eat or wear something…and ronaldo calls himself a slave!

  2. hmm u are right keith barnes in africa people got no money to eat n as well as wear and ronaldo calls himself a slave :@

  3. Well he certainly earned his fame and fortune. A really great player. One of the best and he is a huge prospect in the years to come. Thanks for the information. Cheers

  4. I think he’s the luckiest 22 year old ever. Slave? with the money he’s making. Probably the richest slave ever then! Either way he is talented and I guess he deserved what he’s got!

  5. Imagine being worth more than $80 million ! That is a lot of money! How on earth is that kind of money slavery! I’m sure everyone would be willing to be slaves then, talent aside I really think this are really really getting out of hand!

  6. One thing us pauper (general public) forget is that the majority of footballers leave school at 16 with no qualifications, as all they ever thought about in class was footy. So in simple terms they are as thick has pig doo doo!

    They have no idea what the real world is as they have never been in it. Why do you think that when a pro-footballer retires you never hear of them again? Because they are so retarded no one in the right mind would employ them! :o)

  7. I think Manchester united are doing alright without him, even though they had a major luck streak with Arsenal today.. Still can not believe that they bought him for £80 million! that is just insane!

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