15 thoughts on “Mad Torres: Man Utd can't match Barcelona…So what?!

  1. I guess we will see in the Champions League Final right. Obviously going to be Man Utd vs Barcelona. Oh wait, Liverpool are nowhere to be seen. Think Torres is just holding a little grudged

  2. naturally,Torres must be furious about the fact that even after defeating man utd at home and away they didn’t make it till the semis while man utd did well ,,,,,atleast barca got some more supporters after liverpool’s fall from the CL,,,yay,^_^,but still we just can’t under estimate Chelsea, Arsenal.or man utd

  3. depending on ManU recent poor performances, it’s fair for Torres to say such thing. How come a team who have failed to beat Everton in a final match be rated higher than Barcelona with their current amazing wins?

  4. Poor performance sent United to UCL semi final and staying on top of the premier league!… It seem u didn’t watch Everton game… we played the game with young players and they were knocked out by penalties shoot-out …Hard-luck for Liverpool 😀

  5. It makes me laugh when Liverpool fans say haha you got knocked out of the FA Cup by Everton, bur if i remember rightly so did they and they got knocked out of he Carling Cup By Burnley… Man UTD had a reserve side out and got all the way to penelties, now if we had a first team out we cold have one 3-0 easy…

    Just think before talking next time…

    Oh yea i also forgot umm who are Liverpool playing in the Semi of CL??

  6. Well, he is right, and so are you, the premier is way more competitive than La Liga, but Barcelona this year has displayed what no other team has, both in Spain and in Europe, do you think Man U would beat Bayern like Barcelona did? I honestly can’t even imagine it.

    Seeing Barca’s performance yesterday against Sevilla (a club that deffinetly isn’t easy to go through) I have no doubts that this Barca is the best team in the world. The way they move the ball and how they make it look easy in every single match, there’s no possible match.

  7. we lost to Chelsea, you lost to Everton. Chelsea is obviously much more dangerous than Everton
    ah yeah, you also lost to us twice this season

  8. all4liverpool

    we had two 17 year olds as strikers and plenty other reserves about the pitch so how on earth can you look at the nil nil draw and critize united after we played our second team. im just going to infer that you dont watch the games and just look at the score after the match analysis and there fore have no knowledge of football whatsoever.
    your team sucks and has only gotten lucky after the crumble of our back four.

  9. @Fleiva I agree with you Barca are doing great job this season… but after winning the UCL last year..any players form and motivation may drop the following season. but SAF is doing well with the players so far..they are on top of the premier league and two games far from another UCL final..

    @samcare that is the perfect answer for all4liverpool 😉

  10. @all4liverpool…

    We may have lost to you but it still doesnt get over the FACT(Rafa) that we are 1st in the EPL we have Won the League Cup, we have Won the Club World Cup, We have Won teh Chariy Shield, we are in the Semi of CL… And Liverpool are no where to be seen!

    You havent won the EPL in something like 16 Years we are on a run of 3 sucessfull Seasons in the EPL…

    Ok you can argue Liverpool have done Better in the CL, yes they have but thats one cup out of about 4 others!

    Ok yes i agree Barca are a good side an dbeating Bayen Munich 4-0 is a outstanding result, but dont forget we beat them last season!

  11. when has a premiership side ever given the ball away sevilla did?
    barcelona practically had 17 men
    i think a portsmouth could give sevilla a run for there money
    barcelona are the only good team in la liga
    real madrid arent even worth watching anymore
    i predict a 1 nil united anytime we play in the future

  12. It would take some serious self-destruction on Manchester United’s part for Alex Ferguson’s team to let the Premier League title slip now but Liverpool remain poised to push them all the way and Benitez believes his players deserve plaudits.

    “You always talk about trophies and you have to be contending but, in England, there are so many strong sides and it’s not easy,” said Liverpool’s manager. “But the team, the squad, has shown that it’s better now. This season’s experience will be a fantastic help for the next few years because we are in a position now that we were not before.”

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