3 thoughts on “WARNING: Manchester United fans are not wanted

  1. Why not fully fight fire with fire, ban all visitors to Old Trafford and decline the chance to take up any away tickets offered! Such a smart idea, I think not. Sunderland Football Club and their supporters are not the problem here but I think you know that. Any decision on away allocation is taken by the council who can shut any venue down if they wish to should it not comply with the rules and regulations they stipulate. Your just rying to make a mountain out of a molehill and incite hatred between 2 sets of supporters that shouldnt exist, shame on you for that. I say take your medicine and start behaving, you’ll find invitations will start flying in and you’ll be welcome with open arm’s wherever you go (well maybe!).

  2. Hatred should not exist in football period jdl, there is simply no place for it. There is a good argument for clubs to satisfy the demand for tickets from their own supporters first before having to worry about allocations for away fans and yes, fans should always comply with the rules.

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