3 thoughts on “One goal should never be worth two

  1. I’m a United fan and I have absolutely no problem with the away goals rule. I can see why Liverpool fans would be upset after last night, because Atletico Madrid had 120 minutes in which to score an away goal, compared to the 90 Liverpool had, so perhaps a rule stating that away goals only count in normal time should be introduced.
    But in my view the away goal ruling is much fairer than a penalty shootout. Remember the 2005 FA cup final when Arsenal played out the 120 minutes of normal time, hoping for penalties? How was that fair? We were the team that tried to win the match in open play but we lost because Arsenal didn’t bother doing anything except try to stop us from scoring.
    Granted that was a one-off match, but if the away goal ruling was abolished, what’s to stop teams from doing the same over 2 legs, hoping that they can survive until a shootout? With the current rules, teams are encouraged to try attacking away from home in the hope that they can get a precious away goal.
    Anything that gets teams trying to play football, rather than sitting back doing nothing is a good thing in my opinion.

  2. I, too, don’t see where the problem is. Away goals count double coz it’s harder to score away goals. It’s difficult for Liverpool to come to Old Trafford to score a goal, and many times more daunting for another team from another country to do so.
    It might not be perfect but the other option is penalties.
    Now, tell me how many times have England felt unjust at being eliminated at penalties? Do you remember the tears?

  3. So much passion is generated by football for the simple reason that opinions can be so diverse. Both of the ones mentioned above are reasonable and have to be respected. Mine is based on the fact that matches decided on penalties give both sides a physical rather than a psychological outcome which I find preferable.

    We can even possibly go one step further by eliminating extra time completely and going straight into a shootout at the end of 90 minutes. Surely, 180 minutes of home and away football is more than enough to break a deadlock. The question of one side playing an extra half hour at home is therefore eliminated meaning that total fairness is not only done but also seen to be done.

    So Dense this is all about finding a fair and just system not one that best suits England. Tears can also be shed with elimination by one goal magically turning into two out of thin air as can be attested by both Liverpool and Manchester United fans.

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