1 thought on “90 minutes will decide a 9 month battle!

  1. here is what is going to happen. we will take the lead insde ten minutes rooney will score. the news breaks to the bridge. chelsea get nervous they stat fouling players getting booked, then wigan hit the bar. back to old trafford united sscore a second goal. half tinme 2 nil at old trafford. second stats chesea have a chance after chance jiust not going. back to old trafford we score nani score. the protest beings we sing out anti galzers songs. why chelsea still score. then charels na zobia breaks through clean trough terry brings hinm down pently and he is on a yellow he gets send of . wigan score the pently. back to old trafford the news break united go mental the protest stops we start sing man united songs. fergie looking at his watch . back to the bridge wouldnt you no it chelsea scored with 3 mi nutes injury tinme. back to old trafford the news b reaks. crowd on silen united palyers go to the middle of pitch in cricle. back bridge keeper bring of fanctic save. coner keeper goes up. the ball comes in cezh gets to it its going in no over the bar. refree blows the wishtle chelsea players devasdated. back to old trafford the news breaks the players go mad rooney jiumps in the crow evra runs around like if he was in the olpmacis. fergie doesnt no what to do stunned . we life the trophy 19 titles ya fuck e liverpool. clebratons . united fans go mad and gray is saying this not right sky sports news are shock there shovk they wet there pance. well if does realy happen you wont from me in two years i so drunk come on wigan

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