4 thoughts on “How United's European success meant title failure

  1. I have to say that chelsea are the better side. If united won the league it would’ve been because they capitalized on chelsea’s laziness in certain matches.

    We need to improve our squad over the summer because there is no coincidence that our worst period was also when rooney was physically at his worst.

    Also i find more argument in the match at stamford bridge with john terry’s controversial goal since we didn’t deserve to lose that game unlike at old trafford where macheda’s goal wasn’t without controversy either.

    Had chelsea gotten to the quarter finals though we may have stood a better chance against them at old trafford but after the performance at the allianz, we were in poor form at that time any way.

  2. I can’t really understand why are people making Drogba’s offside a crucial decision, since it was a 2-0 goal and in the end it evened out with Macheda’s handball goal. I hope people are not suggesting that, there should’ve been only the mistake on Macheda’s handball, ’cause it was harder to spot. Anyways, probably Macheda’s goal wouldn’t have even happened if it was only 1-0, since you never know what would follow. Drogba’s goal wasn’t a goal that took the lead, but one that increased already established lead. I guess what everybody’s claiming is that ManUtd would for sure score, which is childish. They didn’t threat that much after 2-1.

  3. I’m sorry THE FAN, I didn’t see your Macheda comment, but basically, there are so many articles that never mention Macheda’s goal and talk about Drogba’s all the time.

    Anyways, I think that this year’s Chelsea had a bit of a problem with motivation since they won all the games against big teams (except Inter) and lost and drew easier ones. They also drew and lost when in front, which wouldn’t have happened if ManUtd were closer. We can never say that Chelsea wouldn’t have won against Tottenham if they drew at Old Trafford. Whenever the chasing pack got really close, Chelsea delivered, so if the others had less games lost, then Chelsea would’ve surely followed suit.

  4. The Fan and keka, you both make some reasonable points but it’s all hypothetical now anyway because we will never know with any certainty. My own point is also simply an opinion which has just as much chance of being wrong as it has of being correct. I just happen to think that irrespective of the many incidents over the season, including Drogba’s offside goal, Chelsea’s elimination from Europe gave them a crucial edge over Manchester United in the week leading up to the decisive meeting at Old Trafford. That, possibly more than anything else, could have psychologically swung the title race in Chelsea’s favor.

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