5 thoughts on “Why Ferguson acted to protect Hargreaves

  1. Ashley young was omitted from a 30-man squad and all the journalists are pretending as if nothing happened……..well good luck to Hargo

  2. Ferguson is a selfish old git who has ruined Hargreaves’ last attempt at a WC (IMHO). He wants payback for the club whilst knowing full well it won’t happen. Disgraceful.

  3. I don’t see owt wrong with Ferguson not wanting an investment of 18M quid to get knackered even worse playing for Ingerland. Clearly, both Hargreaves and Bayern München lied about the physical shape the curly-haired one was in when he left Germany. Of course, Ferguson and his staff have to take responsibility for their own naivete and lack of preparation when buying damaged goods. After being burned for two years-worth of wages and not buying a replacement, the Gaffer can still clearly hear Hoeness, Beckenbauer and Rummenigge giggling at his expense. I’ll lay you odds Hargo’s physically and psychologically ready come the beginning of next season, what with free agency looming and all… I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in a Bayern kit next year. Plenty of ‘selfish gits’ to go round, SR!

  4. If this story is indeed accurate, then I support Ferguson’s recommendation. Let’s not forget that Owen hasn’t played more then 30 seconds in an United first team shirt for over 18 months. United paid handsomely for his services and the return has not been realized. Yes, the reason rest with the injuries BUT, this is a business and the Manager must protect his asset. It may appear to be a bit draconian to some, but from were you sit that’s a rather easy decision to arrive at. Place yourselves in Fergie / Uniteds’ position and I think you will quickly arrive at the same conclusion taken by Man U and Fergie. Advice to Owen:
    1. Continue your rehabilitation over the summer and get fully fit
    2. Get mentally prepared to start the 2010/11 season
    3. Thank Fergie / United every day for his/their loyalty and patience
    4. Have a great 2010/11 season and hear the United fans chant your name again

    Owen is truly a top, top player and I for one pray that he returns at his very best, next season. Even if he comes back 75% of were he was before the injury, he would be better then 90% of the players in the EPL. I dream of a day when Owen and Fletcher play in the same MF.

    In the end, it is United who pays his wages, and they are handsome wages at that.

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