27 thoughts on “City can’t stop pretending that it’s a big club

  1. Ha ha . Bitter ? Much ?? You’ve still got that Ronaldo money to spend haven’t you ?

  2. How does a report of record season ticket sales, infer that it will turn us into Manchester’s leading club? If there’s any inference there, then it’s you yourself that has drawn that conclusion. To me it just “infers” that we have sold more season tickets than ever before, thus breaking a club record, slow news day?

    For childish banners, see your own Stretford end one, for overpriced players that don’t last 12 months, see Veron et al. Focus on your own crumbling empire and write about that, we’re a little club, so why waste inches on us…

  3. hey i didn’t even want to sign that Wesley Schneider fella anyway, in fact who is he? how can he say no to me when i don’t even know who he is?
    papers must be mistaken.
    i can afford anyone i want to buy. {as long as its under £10.milllion.

  4. And quite simply, winning trophies is what genuine BIG clubs do best!

    And big clubs who fail to win trophies become smaller clubs that we can laugh at as we pass you on the way up! Bye bye. Jog on!

  5. Torres “obsessed” by winning trophies. Uh? Why is he at Liverpool then?

  6. This is the biggest load of old tosh I have read in years !!

    My club is bigger than yours , our debts are massive.

    Pathetic attempt, at humour.

    If you had gone through the hard times City fans had endured I doubt all your glory hunters would still be there !

  7. obsession with becoming bigger than trafford town ? Think you’ll find that it’s becoming an obsession here in the trafford sites to reinforce your ‘we’re the biggest and best’ mantras. frankly we don’t give a shit about your debt ridden ageing crock’o’shite. you’re actually irrelevant now, we have to aim at chelsea if we want to win anything. tick tock.

  8. Brilliant stuff – Tick tock tick tock! You lot at the swamp must be shitting yourselves if you have to write about little old City! You can’t afford to buy anyone – how many more over the hill free transfers has old bacon face got lined up for you. If we were such a small club then you wouldn’t keep writing about us and posting stuff on our blog sites – thought I would reciprocate on this. Have fun for the new season (It could be your last….)

  9. Obsession, that’s a very strange word to use, especially for a site dedicated to united yet appearing to be itself obsessed by its noisy neighbours.

    Can you not just leave City to get on with building a team that can challenge for trophies rather than cry and blabber on about how you interprate the way City go about things.

    Anyone can paint a picture’s, only accurate representations are note worthy though. This type of drama queen article is washer woman’s gossip at best and is always founded on jealousy and envy rather than any real clear and solid facts.

    This article in all honesty is curtain twitching at its pathetic worst as well as being typical of the big town, big up yourself bully watching himself become small and more insignificant by the day.

    What will be tomorrows big girls blouse moaning be about? A piece on how upset you are because your mates boyfriend being better looking than your girlfriend.

    Sad is just sad I’m afraid, you need to get your own house in order, not obsess about others.

  10. By the way, we were third in average attendances for 09/10, behind you lot and the Arse, so hardly half empty, unlike your attempts at humour?!?

  11. City still hold the record attendance for a league game at 84,569. So this is a small club then? Your terms of reference seem to be slightly inaccurate.

  12. TALK about being obsessed jesus. bet you norwich fans at the swamp are shiting it. cant wait till you bring that stupid fookin clock down.sad B******S

    34 years and were still here

  13. I believe Untied have managed to sell a whopping 18,000 season tickets for the forthcoming season though there’s expected to be a late rush when the club announce the arrival of Jimmy Bullard on a free transfer.

  14. sad, the bitters are you rag blues so why try and rewrite history by making stuff on.

    really sad when bitter blues of wastelands still do nothing but obsess about the biggest football club in the world manchester united and never even pay any attention tp thier own poor little worthless waste of crap at wastelands the toxic spill that is manshitty.

    look in the mirror, manutd fansite, nothing to do with you so why even look at it, 130 years of obsession to us,. so grow up and look forward to your 6th palce finish whiles we lift the premier league again next year you sad bitter fools.

    no red has ever cared about the blues so grow up you stupid little wannabee football fans and gloryhunters begging for glory that will never happen no matter how much money you rich owners give your poor club to spend.

    grow up bitters.

    always in our shadow fact, always beneath us fact, we will always be the big club of mancehster whiles shitty will always ne small. fact.

    next year we will be champions again adn again you will do nothing.

  15. ya bitter rag and you last season did very well didnt ya ONLY winning the lge cup and after that clown of a manager said he will play the kids haha he put his full side out also who are utd buying???thats right they not buying anyone really smalling couldnt get a regular spot in the fulham team so wat makes ya think he will get in your side also how much money have ya got?Oh yeah ya have nowt coz teh glaziers are raping ya club and wats this with ya gay scarves lol on ya way down the tumbling out of the top 4 in next 2seasons tick-tock cant wait till the bailfifts turn up at the swamp


  17. THe quote was by David VILLA not David SILVA. Just wanted to check the knowledgeable and loyal Reds know their football and that these are two different Gents.

  18. When you consider Man City’s owners could buy Man Utd 10,000 times over if they wanted – it puts things in perspective ! United are nothing more than our poor relations trying to live off a name. (nice to see the reds showing a lot more concern about us than we do about them – United are nothing).

  19. Tick tock cock.
    You rags forget that before 1991 you had gone longer than we had!!
    I’d rather have 45000 local City fans any day than the tourists that turn up at the Trafford bowl anyday!!
    The tide is turning and you lot are on the one going out!


  20. Not quite sure the relevance of it being Muslim’s, or Jew’s money, can’t quite see why you even mention it…
    Agree with the rest of what you said though!

    Take it you’ll switch to Arsenal when they become more successful again, as I’m guessing you did with Man Utd in the first place?

  21. Putting billboards up around the city centre (of our own city, not yours bear in mind…..obsessive uh? WHat next a permanant banner inside our stadium mocking you?

    Now that would be osessional……

    One thing is certain, you can no longer call us ‘Bitters’….that’s one crown you have got now….and jealousy is a terrible thing.

    Tick tock….

  22. thats a massive article about such a little club, we just cannot stop pulling up trees at the moment, maybe if mr glazier approached the shiek cap in hand it might be able to help you lot out! however easier option get all your sad non manc fans when the come to manchester bring some spoons and start busking, that will swell your coffers for some quality signings!!!!!!! lol

  23. Never underestimate Sir Alex onceknewamancred. The only “quality signings” he’s interested in are those who are better than the “quality youngsters” he already has. And there’s not many of those around.

  24. The original comment about the ‘Big’ & ‘Small’ club originates from Ferguson – from what I remember it was nearly a season ago. Whether we’re a ‘small’ club in Ferguson’s mind, I don’t particularly care – the issue is really what will we win next season. I’d be very happy with a Europa League final, never mind winning the thing. I’d like to think we’ll finish 3rd or above, and I’d certainly call that good progress – these things take investment in time.

    The part about the Tevez poster and Garry Cook’s speech; I’d have to agree they were a little ridiculous – I’d rather they hadn’t have happened. He has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. I think Mancini’s comments are much more relevant than Cook’s – and they seem realistic.

    It’s time to put the Big & Small issue to bed, and let’s see what happens on the pitch next season – 1st Priority is beating Spurs on Day 1.

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