10 thoughts on “Nike gives another reason to boycott new shirts

  1. Don’t worry mate Nike not only design man utd kit badly but they design everything badly… just look at WC national jerseys all bad design have Nike symbol on that. i question is they have designer department or everybody goes on strike while Adidas designs are more appealing… i love German jersey 🙂

  2. Maybe Adidas should sponser us if your that bothered?
    the new home kit is nice, not seen the away one.
    but the goalkeeper kit is terrible.

  3. ok, nothing wrong with it. i admit i didnt read the whole article as these things can get pretty boring when it comes down to those glazers and their debt. i respect your decision but disagree and already use to the kit. man i hate the debt and the glazers aldo admit i welcomd them in 05 but things change.

  4. the iconic V on this past seasons kit was in honour of 100 years at Old Trafford and we had the V on our shirt 100 years back when billy meredith the original welsh wizard and united player designed it in 1909 for the fa cup final…..which we won 1-0 vs bristol city.

  5. Home kits fine, away one is awful and the keeper shirt is enough to make you sick on sight.

  6. To quote… “Before the Glazers time at Old Trafford, the home shirt was worn for two seasons. Now, there are new shirts for every single season…a way to generate more money, not to spend into the squad but to be added into the Glazers accounts!”

    ^^^^ Obviously the editor who wrote this article doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. Check your facts. Man Utd’s last season jersey (2009/2010) was meant only for that season as it was the last with sponsor AIG and it was also some sort of a commemorative. Everyone already knew that one will only be used for one season, thats why I didn’t get it. The new jersey for the upcoming season with the new AON sponsor will be used for 2 seasons, hence its labelled as 2010/2012 jersey. Duh…

    I think the home jersey looks pretty good, very simple and nice. It has grown on me somewhat, I didn’t like it at first, but the more I see it, the more I like it..

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