2 thoughts on “A 'Phantom' interview with Sir Alex Ferguson

  1. fergie is gonna stay aslong as he is healthy and as far as he is concerned that is for a long time, fergie will be here for years to come it haves nothimg to do with the title as fergie wànts to win that as much as he can. scondly, tevez was not a lost and fergie does not regret dumping the ugle little useless girl. thirdly, we dont need another buy especially an “big name”. finally, fergie believed we could win the title last season and we would if we wasnt cheated. fergie has said this to the media.

  2. nice attempt but you could of used words fergie has said to the press over the months and years. he isnt retiring aslong as he is healthy which means for many years yet. doesnt regret dumping arge girl. believed we could win title last year. dont think we nèed anew signing ad that there is no value. you have used some of his words but also made up some which i guess was stated in phantom interview. fergie is god ad will lead another decade of dominance. lòng may fergie reign. nice try anyway.

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