14 thoughts on “How Ferguson can land Mesut Ozil at Old Trafford

  1. The trouble with this rumour, is that it is getting boring. When just will Sir Alex strike? Benzema is certainly not an option. is he?

  2. Ozil…hmmm,am nt 2 sure fergie wants him as bin speculated in d media..Lets jst appreciate what we have in Cleverley,IMO.

  3. i think ozil is the best option available right now .. he is young .. skillful & committed to religion .. & all of these are reasons of success .. so i hope he joins us soon .. because we dont have a real playmaker at the moment & ozil is the ideal choice …!

  4. He has already done the deal to go to Real Madrid, so forget it and stick with the ginger magician Scholes.

  5. It’s a nice theory. I just hope the marketing men at United and Turkish Airlines read this blog and put the wheels in motion for the most logical transfer in history!

  6. Great Article on why we should sign Oezil.
    Not only have we been tracking him prior to the World cup where as you say he was magnificent.I understand also United tried to sign him when he was 18.
    He in my honest opinion is the final piece of the Jigsaw to serve Manchester United with a continued haul of Cups for many years.Our youths are the envy of everybody in the Premiership.
    I truely believe we have most bases covered.Goal keeper aside, thats a seperate debate.
    We do certainly need that link from the forward midfield to find wayne or Dimiatar or Javier.
    I think our defensive midfield taking all the players into account is second to none in the Premiership and have enough talent to cover injuries.
    I have always looked at Chelsea and what they have in potency over ourselves and I hate to admit it, but will again. Its Lampard and his goal scoring prowess for Chelsea.We simply dont have that and I simply dont see a United midfielder in the present squad who can provide 20+ goals per season. like Lampard.
    We all know Oezil will not defend(nor does Lampard but thats not necessary when you have the players of the quality of Fletcher, Scholes, Gibson, Cleverly etc etc.
    I agree its a great signing if we truely have the money and i cant see any better “No Value in the market” player who has indicated he would love to be part of our fantastic club.
    I note in the final part of your Article which is rather sad you add the Commercialism which comes with Oezil.To think at one time we just enjoyed football and admiring great skills and talent. It now also must be encompassed with some add on’s financially.
    There is a great Article on United Rant regards player add on’s and why United under the Glazer might sign them for additional commercial reasons.

  7. i will be happy to see Ozil at man utd. But, somehow i belief that SAF won’t make any move. he’s got plenty of options in midfields at the moment. With the improved young Cleverly and Gibson, it will be difficult for SAF to weigh his decision. i think he’ll stick to the players in his pre-season squad.

  8. ozil is the available right now for man utd and he is very fantastic player that can play the fantastic midfidals like carrick,if he play carrick they will be or ozil my be the soccer of man utd

    i am ogaden

  9. While I agree with all about the fanastic qualities of ozil as well as his cheap transfer price, I think the best part of it all is that he’s leftfooted and is versatile enough to play lw, cm, am, and as a second striker. Ironically, all positions of need in uniteds two main formations, 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 (although saf claims it’s a 4-3-3). If fergie signs him, were favorites. If he doesn’t then the money is really gone bc ozil rejects all of saf usual excuses. My ideal lineup next year will be a 4-4-2 with a diamond mf. Vds, Rafael, vidic, rio, Evra, fletch at dm, Valencia right, nani left, ozil am, Rooney and chicarito up top. Or put nani at rm, Valencia on the bench, scholes at cm and ozil on the left.

  10. fergie wont sign ozil lets face it…… We have a lot of his type….. Nani valencia obertan park clervely….. His a good talent bt i dnt think we need him that much like all u guys been yapping….. Get sneigder instead..

  11. i think our coach should be serious about ozil coming to oldtrfford immediatly or he will loose contact with him entirely ,from eze in abuja thank you.

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