Werder Bremen

Champions League destiny awaits United

An army of world wide Manchester United fans only have a matter of hours to wait before discovering what the European Champions League has in store for them. With the lone exception of 1995-96 when the runner up in the previous season’s domestic league did not have an automatic right to qualify as they do these days, it will be the nineteenth consecutive year in which United has been in the draw of Europe’s most prestigious tournament – a record that no other Premier League club can claim.

Achtung! No German footballers for Ferguson

Perhaps the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has been hesitant to sign World Cup star Mesut Ozil from Werder Bremen should not be altogether surprising. The midfielder appears capable of ticking every one of the required boxes – except one. You see, the 21 year old is German and Ferguson has NEVER, ever signed a German player in all his years at Old Trafford.

Mesut Ozil may still end up at Old Trafford after all

There is media which one can have some faith in and then there are the others. Rightly or wrongly, the Guardian is one outlet which has built up more credibility than most so when the following article appeared in their weekend edition it was difficult to ignore completely. The comment which must have raised most eyebrows was the one that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was “particularly ambiguous when he was asked directly, on four occasions, whether it was true the deposed Premier League champions were after the man who helped to eliminate England from the World Cup.”