2 thoughts on “A Liverpool fans concern for OUR football's future

  1. Totally agree with Damian, My first season ticket cost 30 pounds. I remember an interview with Terry Christian when he pointed out that regular pocket money when he was a teen in the 80’s was roughly 5 pounds. That could get you an album and admission to a game. Now a child would roughly require 30 to 40 pounds a week equivalent to do that, and that is presuming his club have child prices! Following Hillsborough the way football was ran and the treatment of football fans in particular meant there had to be huge changes but as stated above the fans were abused again, just through the pocket. As for taking a stand I personally dont think this will ever happen. I am grateful Everton haven’t been taken over by the equivalent of a hicks or Glazier but Everton still try to maximise every penny they can squeeze out of us. Just from your own experience, fans who have tried to protest against the Glazier ownership have been met with silence, in fact haven’t Utd just recorded record ticket and merchandise sales?

  2. It’s a myth that football is cheap on the continent. Have a look on FC Barcelona website where they list all their games and the pricing categories. It costs between 74 and 219 Euros to watch Barca versus Madrid, and thats the discounted members price. Even the category D games are priced from 14 to 58 Euros. On average they are at least as expensive as United, though with a bigger range of prices.

    Top clubs who are competing to buy the best players are going to charge as much as they can, as long as people are willing to pay it. Just like any business. I detest the way the Glazers have put up prices just to pay off their debts. But I wouldn’t complain about ticket prices in general if our money was spent on players, as long as the stadium was full. If there are no empty seats then people must think its worth paying.

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