14 thoughts on “Carragher should have invited Gary Neville as well!

  1. haha..fuck you both kop supporters, MAN UTD did fuck liverpool off their fuckin’ perch! and there is no doubt about it.. and with carra’s comments, hmm, i think, carra should just shut the fuck up and concerntrate on winning the premier league, and not finding out who fucked liverpool off their fucking perch..

  2. Keep dreaming Manchester, numbers don’t lie, and at my last count it was 18-18.
    Oh and ONLY 3 away from 5.

    You new age glory fans keep dreaming.

  3. I can understand why neither Fergie nor Neville was invited.

    My utmost respect for Fergie’s accomplishments stands in stark contrast to my view of him as a person.

  4. If you read or listened to the whole thing you might understand what his point of view was.

    As Carragher says, when United were going for their first title under Ferguson in 1992-93, they were competing with Norwich and Aston Villa. They weren’t competing with Liverpool as they were in decline with Graeme Souness as the manager.

    Carragher has a lot of respect for Sir Alex Ferguson, as many people do. One thing Sir Alex did talk about not long ago was how rivalry had changed. He said it was now bitter and confrontational. I think he is right and it’s a shame really.

    Better article:

    Better article:

  5. ‘Manure fail to sell all season tickets’ – is there a postal strike in London then?

    Keep singing them songs about LFC in that theatre of prawns, and keep reading about Carra – your dreams, our reality.

    Altogether now,
    We all dream of a team of carragahers, a team of carraghers….

  6. I think you’ve missed the point with this article; at no point does Carra say ‘Ferguson had nothing to do with us getting knocked off our perch’. He merely acknowledges, quite fairly, that Souness had a great part to play in our ‘downfall’ (if one is to term it so dramatically) and that he did more damage to us directly than Ferguson did.

    The fact that Souness messed things up the way he did, just as the Prem era was beginning, meant that Man Utd were able to capitalise on the great riches and exposure it offered. Had Liverpool kept Dalglish for the start of that era at least, we certainly wouldn’t have failed in the league so many times. Of course, United would have been serious contenders regardless, thanks to Ferguson and that great generation of youth talent you had.

  7. I don’t really like responding to uninformed comments 8MANURE but hey , how about looking in your own backyard?
    Anfield capacity is 45, 200. Attendances so far this season have been Rabotnicki 31,202, Arsenal 44,722, Trabzonspor 40,941, West Brom 41,194. United has had 75,000 plus attendances at both home matches so far. And you talk about postal strikes in London? Then you go on about the Theatre of Prawns! Really? Is anyone desperate to pull it down in order to build a new Stadium like you lot cannot wait to do?

  8. Great thoughtful comment Dave, the sort that a good, enjoyable discussion over a pint can be had. Nothing can ever be absolute black or white because we will never know how history could have turned out to be entirely different under other circumstances. My only point is that Souness was at Anfield for just three years, Ferguson at Old Trafford for twenty five – and still going. Would anything have changed but for the short time Souness spent at Anfield? I highly doubt it.

  9. Can’t u Devils count the trophies in your trophy room?? Ah.. I forgot your math must be just as fuckup as u all are with your boastings!!!!

  10. Hmm kopper, are you talking about the trophies Liverpool won LAST CENTURY? Has it really been twenty years since your last championship? Ferguson has won ELEVEN since then!

  11. @frank, Yeah you have won eleven since we last won a championship, but still haven’t been able to beat our tally. And Champions league trophies, who has more of those. And Fa cups, hmmmm. So in 20 years you still haven’t managed to truly knock us off our perch so shut the fuck up…

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