49 thoughts on “Lock up the pubs – The Rangers army is coming

  1. Not the travelling fans Man Utd fans have to worry about, it’s the game in Glasgow. Internet chat sites are talking about Manchester fans attacking pensioners and scarfers in Glasgow the last time the teams met and saying this will not happen again.

    Man Utd fans better be careful on this one, as the natives have long memories.

  2. Your forgetting the fact that it was your Police forces that caused the problem in the first place. You turned off a TV Screen for thousands of fans, imagine if that had happened before your CL Final, the same thing would have happened. None of the fans coming down this time would have caused any trouble, but this is just ruining it for everyone, i live near Manchester and now if i want to go in the rangers end i have to go to glasgow then get a coach down and back there before coming down again. What a joke.

  3. These arrangements are nothing new, they were exactly the same the last time Rangers visited Old Trafford. There will be no trouble in my opinion, i`d like to make the point that of all the people in court this week for the trouble that occured in 2008 not one of them was a member of Rangers official travel club or a season ticket holder in fact one of them is a Blackburn fan. Like every Rangers fan i`ve spoken to i wont be interested in anything else except following my team should i get a ticket.

  4. tal funny how that article comes from amick saying u lot are the best erm is that whu your stadiums been half empty past few games what about the time just quite recent celtic fans attaced an ambulence crew attending an old woman who later died because they couldnt get to her quick enough or the plane full of u lot diverted because of trouble or when things dont go your way you hit refs with coins or smash their windows dream on muppet you lot are just as bad ps go go its over

  5. United fans attacking Pensioners? The Riot was the coppers fault? Have you lot been on the Tennents Super Strength already? True Blue i suspect is on something stronger like Ketamine perhaps or maybe even Buckfast. MORON.

  6. Danny

    You come to Ibrox and try the crap you did before and You’ll need more than Ketamine. You know fine well what I’m talking about. Attacking old men and young boys making their way to the game is a fact. Be assured, it won’t happen the next time. You got away with it once, you won’t be doing it again, that’s a promise.

  7. It’s laughable that you can pinpoint a tiny minority of fans from 150,000
    who caused trouble.
    Imagine something similair happening when Utd..England or any other fans who’d been fed drink all day from greedy local grocers etc.then proceeded to watch the game in a PEN..and the screens were switched off right at kick-off.
    I’m suere the Utd fans would be happy just to bide their time in their enclosed area and sing wee family songs whilst accepting their bad luck.
    Or would it be that the UTd fans would try to leave their enclosed area to try and get to somewhere where they could actually watch the game?
    What would happen if riot police attacked anyone in their teams colours without caring if they were innocent or guilty?
    I had the misfortune of having to get the subway from the City centre to the last Man-utd game at Ibrox..grown men wearing no colours..singing anti-English and Man-Utd songs forcing their bulks on to an already crammed subway terrorising kids and families at the same time.
    Me and 3 other mates shoved a whole bunch of them off at one of the stops enroute.
    You aint whiter than white.
    I make no apologies for the idiots who disgraced our club..but even Sir Alex has admitted that EVERY club has fans just like them.

  8. Yeah funny how trouble follows Rangers about and how we never hear about these old grannies being beaten up until it is used as defence. Oh and because the TV was turned off that is an acceptable excuse to wreck a city and attempt to murder a policeman. But oh yeah, that’s right, it was only a minority – it certainly looked like it was only a handful of fans involved – give me a break. And sure if all else fails then lets point out that your city neighbours are just as bad. Sorry lads but its time you took a long hard look at yourselves as you lot are the only lot who I remember causing any serious trouble and en-masse and yet every time it is always someone else’s fault or there is a reason for it. What next – you going to try and burn down the theatre of dreams if, god forbid, there are (as always) some Irish flags on display. ‘It was those bassas fault because they were waving Irish Flags at us’ – yep heard it all before. JUST BEHAVE FFS.

  9. Danny, you’ll get no sense out of any of this lot (either in terms of logic or grammar judging by some of the above posts), they feel that they have a right to impose their own special brand of bigotry and violence wherever they go.

    With regards to the poster who mentioned Alex Ferguson, perhaps I could invite him to explain why it is that Alex Ferguson was forced out of Rangers as a player, when it emerged that his wife was a Roman Catholic? I’m sure it must just be a coincidence…

  10. William you are completley and utterly full of sh*t my friend. And I dont know what you are talking about im afraid as its bullsh*t and never happened. But just you keep talking nonsense in an attempt to justify your own fans bad behaviour. Lets deal with facts shall we, Any sort of media report or actions taken in response to this granny bashing orgy you make reference to? Nope. Any on the scurrilous allegations that you lot behaved like complete and utter prats because you lost a game of football and then attempted to wreck a city center? Plenty. Please though keep the threats coming mate cos I am going to Ibrox and would love to bump into you hardman.

  11. William – you are talking shite mate. As much as i hate to say it (all British) non of this trouble from Celtic.
    You are a bunch of scum bag cowards, if you were playing United that night in Manchester you would have gone back up the road without a peep cos you wouldn’t have had the run of the city.
    See you at Ibrox

  12. TAL. You know for a fact Alex Ferguson was forced out of Ibrox for that reason? Was it not simply because he was crap? If you want to go down the route of people being forced out of football clubs….why was Jim Torbett forced out of the Hoops?? Oh that’s right………..

  13. Tal why are you even getting involved in this debate? You are just using it as a petty point scoring exercise while crawling up the Man Utd fans collective arses, sad really.

    Danny there were incidents in Glasgow the last time Man Utd came to town, ok granny bashing might be stretching it but there were numerous reports of Utds MIB assaulting people along Paisley Road West, i`m not talkling about like minded people looking for a scrap, liberties were taken

    G you are tarring all fans with the same brush here, the Uefa final in 08 was a unique event and what happened was unacceptable and to deny it is pointless but there were numerous factors involved that day. GMP and the local authorities were badly prepared despite warnings of the numbers that could travel and
    switching off the screen was a grave error. It still doesn`t excuse the actions of some of the clowns that were there that day but it`s worth pointing out that on the way to that final there were zero arrests in 6 or 7 games throughout Europe. The events of 2008 could and probably would have happened if you subsituted Rangers for any other British team with the numbers of people involved, you get a percentage of arseholes in all walks of life, anybody that believes otherwise is deluded.

  14. to TAL,

    You still haven’t responded to George Wiltons post.(what does TAL stand for by the way and does it have any link to Man Utd ?)

    to Danny Salford Red

    It DID happen,our bus was diverted from that road because of the trouble caused by a group of thugs supporting Man Utd.May I add the vast majority of Reds fans behaved themselves as did the overwhelming majority of Rangers fans in 2003 and 2008.

    I also accept that the arrangements in place for the visit of Rangers are a repeat of those in 2003 so the plans are most certainly not influenced by the events of 2008

    Rangers fans have been in many English cities recently with no trouble at all.

    So why do fans of Rangers get penalised ?

  15. 49 arrests out of 200,000 for rioting in Manchester 2008,ffs there were more arrests by the GMP before and after the last two Manchester derbies last season, and wtf has it to do with the fans of that Oirish club Celtic,that same club’s fans glorify the murdering bastards that destroyed Manchester’s city centre.

  16. George Wilton, it is guys like you who should be taking the lead in the Rangers support and standing up to the many hooligans and saying ‘we have had enough of your bad behaviour, what you are doing to image of our club and the subsequent marginalisation we get when we go on our travels’.

  17. English fans in hooliganism rant. If Carlsberg did irony. The chances are if 150k of any old industrial city upped sticks to another part of the country there would be a troublesome element. It doesn’t excuse anything – mistakes were made on all sides. I notice the moral indignation didn’t quite extend to sending the millions of pounds received from the overwhelming majority of decent Rangers wasn’t sent back in righteous indignation, though. Get over yourselves; it was a shit, truly unique, thing that happened. It was poorly organised and lots of people let themselves down, including the Greater Manchester police. Life goes on – I’m quite sure Manchester have enough of their own violence problems to deal with without recourse to getting uppety about other people’s.

  18. The re-writing of history just goes on and on.
    Why are Rangers fans NEVER to blame?
    Manchester 2008. Will never forget the sight of supporters climbing out of cars and weeing in the central reservations with their ‘we’re so hilarious, look at us’ grins. They were scum and morons, nothing more, nothing less.
    And now we read it again. It was the police wot dun it. ‘Tiny minority, heavy handed policing, exaggerated reports in media.’
    They sound like THEY are the wronged ones in a typical bout of ‘whataboutery?’ finger jabbing. Me guv? Never, you’ve got me wrong.
    Well, tell you what. I worked in Manchester at the time and there was nothing ‘exaggerated’ about it. If anything it was underplayed. The good people of that city should never be exposed to the trailer park dukes of hazard who invaded the streets that day and left them desolate. I’m astounded the police are even considering giving them access to the city again.

  19. Seems to me that Man U have been involved in many, many more instances of misbehaviour in Europe than Rangers ever have. Take Rome for instance, or Feyenoord, and Milan.

  20. TAL. More lies from the rabid soapdodgers at Paranoiadise. Alex Ferguson was married before he joined Rangers. Rangers got rid of him beacuse he was gash. Perhaps you would like to explain why there were no protestant directors of celtic for the first 100 years of your history and why, in a country where catholics make up 15% of the population, celtic’s playing squad was always 80% catholic?

  21. Danny Salford Red hate to tell u retard i dont take any sort of drugs or drink buckfast but i dont go around with my head up my backside like some have a nice day numpty

  22. TAL…. erm alec ferguson was never forced out of ibrox thats one of these myths that has been made up by the tims to make them feel better same as they brand refs masons thinking its only protestants thats in it DOH !

  23. TAl..the all knowing pillar of virtue…
    explain why Celtic fc have never had a protestant director..explain why Celtic fc
    wouldn’t even give Jock Stein a place on the board.
    A fanbase who sing anti-British songs at every turn..identity crisis fc.
    I was in Newcastle at a friends party..I met a Sunderland fan who had said him and his Mrs were terified after walking into an Irish pub on holiday in Turkey.
    Anti-English songs being sung by pot-bellied men in luminous hooped shirts(not a good look)it was venomous the lad said.
    Celtic were founded on religion and have never moved with the times.
    As for the guy G…you never answered my question…do you think Man-Utd fans would have stayed in an enclosure if the game had kicked off and the screen was turned off?
    I can assure you that a large amount of intoxicated fans would not have.
    We have been travelling all over Europe since the 60’s and there has been sporadic violence.
    There is very little trouble in Scotland either..it was an unfortunate incident
    caused by drunken neds masquerading as Rangers fans.
    The good licensees of Manchester should have a look at themselves by selling drink from ice cream vans ffs! at 6 am in the morning.
    As I said before..I witnessed Man-utds away fans myself..not a pleasant bunch.
    Fortunately I have the good sense not to judge EVERY Man-utd fan the same way as those clowns.
    TAL..it is you who sounds the bigot..it is after all about Man-utd and Rangers..nothing to do with you at all really.

  24. TAL
    With regards to the poster who mentioned Alex Ferguson, perhaps I could invite him to explain why it is that Alex Ferguson was forced out of Rangers as a player, when it emerged that his wife was a Roman Catholic? I’m sure it must just be a coincidence…

    Maybe its just a coincedence but why was your greatest ever manager not allowed onto the board of directors at celtic? Something to do with him being a protestant, so dont come away with the pish about Rangers and catholics you fucking idiot, read the book from one of your protestant lisbon lions that has a go at the bigoted abuse he received while at celtic from his own team mates

  25. Hi davy, for what it’s worth Brian Wilson is both a current member of the Cletic board and a protestant. So, in fact Celtic currently have a protestant director and have had several in the past.

    Many of Celtic’s most famous players and the first British manager to win the European Cup were of the protestant faith.

    Hope this helps and you can begin to move on with things.

    Isn’t it a sad indictment of life in the west of Scotland in 2010 that anyone even cares?

  26. Many of these comments merely confirm, in my mind at least, that UEFA should step in and ban ALL away fans from both legs of this tie. Why run the risk of giving an opportunity to fewer than 5,000 so called fans to run riot and cause this sort of mindless mayhem? Travelling to away matches was the only means of watching your team play until a couple of decades ago but that’s obviously no longer the case.

  27. Colin

    Before Fergus McCann can you tell me how many people that celtic had throughout there history on the board of directors that were protestants? To save you the time of trying to prove me wrong ill answer it for you, NONE,

  28. WATP

    How does that compare to the number of catholic directors that rangers have had?

    How sad is it to even care about this nonsense?

  29. OK, can we get this sorted,thank fuck Celtic are not in Europe,we are,these Cl matches will go ahead with no problems,Rangers and Man utd have got the security problems sorted,only the numtpy element will cause any trouble for their own purpose,Annie I suppose you had your Green blinkers on the last couple of times Celtic visited,3 year old kids been bricked,battles between Man Utd and Celtic fans in the city centre,convenient to ignore ehh?

  30. makes me laugh when such great clubs in a city can hold football games either champions league or fa cup ties , but when one of our local teams from scotland come down their seems to be trouble ?? firstly bad planning from your local police force & secondly manchester didnt want any scottish team their in the first place i call it RACIST from a city that tolorated all walks of life .

  31. BrianK – X Factor comment quite witty (even if it does give away your age), the shut the f*** up bit – why – truth hurt? I love internet hardmen:)

  32. To Colin

    Bob Brannan (an RC) was a director at Rangers in the mid 1990’s

    I agree Colin that what we are talking about has sod all to do with football but only one club in this discussion was founded for religious reasons and they don’t play in blue.

    Thats all very well if you are part of the community which that club serves but since their foundation the folks of Scotland and further afield have had continuously shoved down their throat all things anti-Scottish,anti-English,anti-British and in some cases anti-Protestant.Even staunchly Irish Hibernian FC were almost decimated by Glasgow Celtics policies.

    Add in pro-Nazi chants during the war (Celtic Park was actually closed down because of this) and you can see why Celtic are looked on with disdain by some people.Celtic fans had the first recorded example of a minutes applause in Scotland.The reason was that some fans could not be trusted to have a minutes silence for George Best for the simple reason that he was a Northern Irish Protestant.

    Just to confirm,David Smith became Celtics first non-RC director in 1994,106 years after their founding.Rangers FC had a playing staff of both Protestant and Catholic before Celtic were even founded

    Yes,it sad that I am talking about this on a football forum but I’m afraid it appears one club in particular set the rules

  33. Davy, apologies, I never saw your question till now (skipped through any of the rantings that were spewing bile the first time around). Anyway you ask – ‘do you think Man-Utd fans would have stayed in an enclosure if the game had kicked off and the screen was turned off?’ I would say I am hearing more whataboutery. It seems that the only defence is that everyone else would have done it and that your neighbours are monsters. As I alluded to in another post – why not root out the rotten core of your support and try and support the idea of being ambassadors for your club. You never know, after a few years cities might look forward to your visits – The first step to overcoming a problem…………..

  34. to all the huns on here why do you always need to defend yourselves with . but celtic are worse replys ?? its their fault !!!! celtic are to blame !!!
    the mayor of barcelona said that your fans are not welcome in that city again .
    trouble at the villareal game also the osasuna game . then last season in the romanian capital . and the state you all left the streets of manchester in well animals would not leave it as disgusting as rangers fans did .
    the whole world knows you by your actions .
    and as for the chant “we are the peepul ”
    a very large section of your fans do not meet that description in their 5xl hun tops . its the genuine rangers fans i feel sorry for . the decent law abiding non bigots that have to hang their heads in shame every time the morons visit a foreign city or town .
    ps they will get humped in all 6 games in the group stages and set a new british record of no points in the cl :)))

  35. As a troo blue i look forward to any united fan looking to bring any trouble, we wreaked you’re city before and will do it again

  36. Also;

    To all of the hun bigots who claim that “Rangers got rid of him (Alex Ferguson) beacuse[sic] he was gash”, well, I thought that he finished his time at the huns with 44 goals in 57 games.

    I must be mistaken, and it didn’t actually happen…

    Why not ask Pat Crerand what he thinks of the huns, and the vile racist abuse he suffered at the hands of you freaks? Oh wait, that probably never happened either…

  37. TAL you should start looking at the real hurt that your club & religion has caused for years & still keep it QUITE , where fans of rangers or any other main stream football club through out the world has an element of trouble makers may be it man u ,rangers or indeed squeeky clean celtic but the hurt that your club has caused but tried to hide the truth ( the celtic boys club being sexualy abused by the ones who were ment to be their to protect little boys)& your preists who have covered up the hurt caused within ireland britain belgum germany usa to name a few & yes yous lot deny it . so dont be going on about a few rangers fans who had to much to drink & have been rightly so brought to justice at least we accept the responcability. BIG JOCK KNEW !

  38. Just like Rangers fans though they cause trouble most places they visit it is always others to blame. And odinslad above is an example of the filth in their ranks.

    Just a word of warning for the Manchester United fans, please and especially when you visit Glasgow, do not wear anything green and white, it is like a red rag to a bull from the idiots in their support.

    Finally give them another good gubbing. My two sons support the Reds!

  39. to the odious odinslad i will tell you what big jock knew
    he knew how to win the european cup !!! something your club will never win
    he also knew how to help carry the dead and injured from the ibrox disaster and for your fans to slander the great man many years after his death well it speaks volumes for your supporters . a very large section of rangers fans live in 1690 and either cant or wont move on like the rest of the world . my advice would be to move on cos brittania does not rule the waves or anywhere else for that matter ..
    get a life and enjoy football without all the scumbag baggage !!!

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