10 thoughts on “The 'R' word haunts Liverpool after United defeat

  1. LOL what tripe, i dont see Liverpool or Manu as a threat this year.
    Liverpool are a mid table team yes, but relagation contenders? i dont like em either but please dont make me laugh, are you like 10 years old and just trying to wind one of your school buddies up?
    Manu have hardly set the prem alite so far either, you beat a mediocre mid table Liverpool side yet despite this you feel its a humongus achievement despite in the same breath you will call them rubbish???????
    Either you beat a poor team by only one goal at home and therefor did average at best or you beat a great side?? Beating a poor side does not make this a great victory.
    Oh and in regards to the comments about Berbatov, Liverpool fans are right he was a flop for a good year or so, so he finally scored a few, I do beleive that many of your own fans were saying the same themselves and calling him all the names under the sun, apparently you were also trying to offload him at one point, how thickle your fans are, and massive hypacrits by the sounds of Fergie rants this morning

  2. I have to laugh. The guy has been at OT for 3 years and done absolutely nothing to justify his 30m price tag. Always the saying “next season will be his season” from the United faithful. He scores a hat-trick of goals in a single game and now all of a sudden he’s worth every penny. 30m = 10m per goal yesterday. Money VERY well spent there, United 🙂

    On an unrelated note, Ferguson’s comments regarding Torres trying to get O’Shea sent off are hilarious. There is no way a 40 year old keeper would have beaten one of the fastest strikers in the league to that ball, therefore O’Seah stopped a direct goal chance.

    Maybe he should take a step back and look at his own players and their diving antics before opening his mouth. He’s getting a little embarrassing with his comments in the last few seasons and he’s starting to show his age.

    Chelsea for the title after seeing United nearly blow a 2-0 lead again!

  3. Yeah have a laugh at our expense. Don’t worry, Manure are about to fall from grace too. Your debt is much bigger than ours, your players are getting older, and with no money to invest in new talent, your stupid club will face the same burdens as what we are currently facing. Keep your head up, because in a year or 2 you will be facing mid table mediocrity as well..

  4. Well, funnier than anything is the fact that the comments are posted by non United fans. This is supposed to be a United forum and Chelski and Loserpool fans arent welcomed here. Funny what brings them here. For a loserpool fan, you should have taken some sleeping pills and hit your bed. For Chelski fans, well, go cherish your 4-0 win against the poor Blackpool side.
    The only reason i find for you guys to be here on United forum is that deep inside, you know this United side is (like so many times in the past) kick you in the nutts!
    Funny someone above pointed that United arent contenders for the title. I bet you consider Stoke, Blackpool and Westham as the title contenders this season. What the F have you been smoking>?

  5. what complete and utter sh1te.. chelseablue is spot on, those fans going on about what a poor side liverpool are yet are ‘euphoric’ that they managed to beat us by 1 goal at home shows how fickle they are and how little they know about football.
    ferguson who has been the saviour of utd has become a laughing stock with his outrageous comments to journalists (the very few ones that he’ll talk to after some dared criticise him or his cheating son)such as ” i thought it was going to be a cricket score, at least ten” from a side that had 5 shots on target scoring 3 of those and 7 off it opposed to liverpools 2 on and 6 off target, by his maths the game should have finished 10-8. i wont even go into the torres is a cheat, while nani is rolling around the pitch thinking he is the new tom daley.
    i will admit now that our football is dire and we’ll be lucky to finish top 6 but i will put money that utd will not finish in the top 3 as the current side are the worst utd side for over 20 years, similar to the one that had utd fans holding up banners of “Three years of excuses and it’s still crap. Ta ra Fergie.” but many “fans” wont remember before the glory years when fergies first 4 seasons utd finished about 10th or 11th each year, doesn’t make rafa’s 2 champions league finals in first 3 years seem so bad now does it? seeing it took fergie 22 years.
    united will be spanked very soon and all the stupid quotes fergie comes out with wont be able to paper over the cracks that utd current side are rubbish, and those “fans” who have called berbatov their hero of the hour will go back to calling him berbaw**k like they have done for the last 2 years.
    that is my rant over and i will step down off my soap box.

  6. My God, these comments are embarrassing, the level of hypocrisy, ignorance and contradiction here is unbelievable. Children, please stop.

    I certainly don’t agree with the main point of the article in that Liverpool may be relegation candidates. They have a new manager who’s had to bring in lots of new players who have to settle in, and he’s also having to deal with all those ownership issues in the background as well.

    Being at the game on Sunday, Liverpool started to look like a good team when they went 4-4-2. Torres-Gerrard-Cole is a dangerous trio that’s going to be very difficult to deal with.

    @ChelseaBlue: If you truly don’t believe that United aren’t a threat, then you’re as arrogant and naive as you are an embarrassing speller. I think that speaks bounds about your intellectual capacity and therefore ability to understand the finer points of the game and appreciate great players like Berbatov.

    @ KopThisMate: United may have more debt that Liverpool, but at least we’re a profitable club with a good business model that is run properly. We can afford to service the interest payments on our debt, which is what matters. If we’re broke, how come we can go and spend £30m on class players like Berbatov (which I must note happened before the Ronaldo sale), whereas you have to sell in order to buy?

    And then there’s the comment that, “our players are getting older”. Firstly, no they’re not, we have a very youthful squad, I can’t even be bothered reeling off all our good youngsters names because there’s too many. And if a squad is getting older, surely that means it’s getting better (in most cases)? Look at Chelsea, or the great AC Milan, Ajax, Real Madrid, United and Liverpool teams of the past. Wasn’t the average age of the 2006 World Cup winning squad of Italy something like 31?

    Now the lot of you, stop getting your opinions from Football Manager and Fifa and actually go and watch some football.

  7. KopThisMate=Here we are…so many pool fans crying on a man unt blog…sour grapes!!!
    i worry for idiots like you…what have you got??…dudes…liverpool are not gonna enter the top 4…man shitty and spurs will take care of you…and look at your team..u’ve got torres who seems so uninterested and bored..u’ve got a slut called joe cole who only joined liverpool coz of the money…stevie g is an exception…then u have got clowns like poulsen, maxi and lucas who are a disgrace to the club…gosh u people were pathetic against city, damn boring against west brom and lucky not to lose against birmingham and then u call your team a better team…ur history was bright…you future is all dark…
    ChelseaBlue =bloody blue…your team actually “bought” the club…had abramovic not been your owner u would have been a mediocre team. hitting and breaking players legs is all your team can do…boring history…no respect and 0 judgement power classifies you in to a true blue fan
    addock andy=dude…last season when ronaldo and tevez were sold people said that united will not finish in top 4…and well in first 5 games they were poor,,,but guess what…it was only because of their effort that the league title was decided on the last day…and we lost to bayern only on away goals and won the carling cup…broaden your mindset and start looking at things more intelligently…and stop crying…liverpool was poor and united deserved the win

  8. I just love comments like those of KopThisMate who consoles himself with “Your debt is much bigger than ours”. My personal debt is virtually nil when compared to someone like Rupert Murdoch yet I will be more than happy to swap bank accounts with him – huge debts and all. Will any of you?

    As for Liverpool facing relegation, please read the last line of the first paragraph which clearly states “But surely, it’s far too early in the season for Anfield fans to be really concerned” Then in the last paragraph, the proviso was made that “should some of their key players remain unsettled they may just have to get used to it.”

    I would have thought that even passionate Liverpool fans would see those as fair comments

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