2 thoughts on “United's 'Inexplicable' gift to West Brom

  1. As I am an United fan for more than 20 years, it’s very sad to say “GET USE TO IT!!! WE ARE NO LONGER BETTER THAN THE OTHERS”….

    As I keep saying in my comments that WE ARE SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! (some may not believe this), but as the time goes by, it will prove that’s IT’S TRUE…. While the other teams keep on improving and strengthening their squads, United unwisingly keep on signing and adding number of average quality and unknown players to sit on the bench. United keep on wasting an limited amount of money (due to an enormous debts from the Glazers) and none of them is good enough to help the team when we need a goal.

    Everybody knows that the Glazers is bad for Man.United, but surprisingly SAF and David Gill, however, keep on saying that they are good for the club. WHY??? What are the benefits (behind the scene) that SAF and Gill get from the Glazer???

    In terms of quality, we are going backwards. Three years ago, we still have players like C.Ronaldo and C.Tevez who can be rated as TOP PLAYERS and can score goals and win game for us even when the team didn’t play well. Nowadays, who can do special things like that???

    LET”S BE HONEST TO YOURSELF, IT’S NO POINT TO KEEP ON PRAISING YOUR PLAYERS IF THEY ARE NOT REALLY THAT GOOD!!!. Comparatively, our midfield players are behind Chelsea, Arsenal, City, or even Liverpool. Chelsea have top players like Lampard, Essien, and Mikel, while Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott and Nasri are top class and playing good and entertaining football for the Gunners. City have A.Johnson, J.Milner, and super Y.Toure in their midfield while Gerrard is better than our Carrick, Fletcher, or Anderson.

    Players like Obertan, Bebe, Gibson, Carrick, Park, etc. are just good to sit on the bench (shouldn’t be signed by Man.United). We need top class midfielders to replace Scholes and Giggs. We need to change the scout in the transfer market (We always over-paid for players and I don’t think that Martin Ferguson is good enough for Man.United). In the last 6-7 years, maybe only C.Ronaldo is the only signing that make the fan really happy (we signed him just because he played well against us in the friendly match and our players told SAF to sign him, not the scout). We keep on linking with top class players like Ribery, Schneijder, VDV, Villa, Benzema, Ozil, Y.Toure, etc. but end up signing with the players like Anderson, Tosic, Owen, Chicharito, Bebe, etc. WHY????…. Is that the latter group of players are cheaper and can have more rooms for corruption???

  2. I agree, I live in Spain and often I’m the only one in the our local bar watching Man U.
    last week against WBA, not Barcelona I add, I was glad I was alone because it was embarassing after the first 20 minutes Utd looked at best helpless against lets face it a good lower division side. It’s not worth the money the spectators are paying at the moment and if SAF and the scouts don’t get some 1st class talent people will start drifting away. Even me a long time supporter is begining to wonder if it’s worth the effort. I could just as easily watch less rubbish on match of the day,and sadly see some good games.

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