22 thoughts on “If the City millions are too tempting Roo? PISS OFF


    Btw, is Wazza suffering from neck hernia in that man city picture? hahahahaha

  2. just shows you can’t trust a scouser! Wonder if Gary was the cause of him being stretchered off the training ground?

  3. This is what happens when your manager has a policy of tapping up mercenaries like Rooney, Tevez, Berbatov and Ronaldo

  4. Who’s the bitters now ?

    what goes around comes around


    And i doubt he would even come to us so why the panic ?

  5. Correct on the first two anon and you can blame their agents. TOTALLY wrong for the others, Berba could have gone to City for much more money but chose United instead. Ronaldo was a matter of a lifelong wish to play for his childhood idols.

  6. Anon shut up and f off you twat, Sir Alex has never tapped up any1 especially the 4 mentioned….The real reason why the fat pig wants out is CHICHARITO, like tevez (who was scared of Berba), fatboy cant handle the fact he faces stiff competition from the mexian superstar- Javier Hernandez, for a starting place and therfor have chosen to RUN AWAY; the pig is scared of Javier and knows that the mexican will force him to spend alot of time on the bench, fatboy doesnt measure up to the young mexican.

  7. Javier is younger, more determined, hungry and far quicker…he clearly poses a better goal threat and has more skill that the fat pig and over the coming season/ years, will be a better player and a far more dangerous weapon in our attack play and the scouser crap knew it; chicharito will out score the scum this season no problem FACT…Berba, Chicharito partnership = goals aglore, title winning duo.

  8. Please think before you spout such crap love it! There’s no bitterness whatsoever, just glad to see the back of someone with his attitude to both football AND to life itself.

  9. Like Rats deserting the sinking ship. I think your in for what LFC have been experiencing from hicks & gillet. Enjoy your years in the doldrums. Come on Citeh. Watching Slur Alex crying on sky sport fuckin quality. Get the green and gold banners out lads. Cos any money comin in thro transfers will go straight to pay the Glazers interest debt. Ho Ho Ho. Citeh till I die

  10. Take my word for it, Rooney is on his way to Liverpool. I know because I heard Roy Hodgson saying “Looks like Waynes’ coming”. I didn’t hear any more because it started pissing down and I had to run for cover. 18T5EC love it Wazza

  11. Only a theory but Ferguson is a wily old fox who’s been around forever. Don’t be surprised if he heard the chatter months ago and knew what was in the wind. He then checkmated Rooney and Stretford by signing Chicharito. Another Ferguson masterstroke.

  12. well written article – fair in all aspects unlike some journalistic trash that writes about having to spend more $$$$$$. Rooney is the panace of what is failing in English football – the skills and standard are not there but they want to be paid the sky.

    SAR had known all the while that Rooney was planning to move for $$, so he got this Mexican guy…..I am sure the next to go is Ferdiland bcos Smalling was bought for this purpose. Notice Ferdiland and Rooney have no drive when they play.

    Get rid of the corpses SAR!!!!!

  13. I’m an aston villa fan and I dont care about Rooney but if he is leaving I would be happy to pay 3-4 million for him, he would be good to come of the bench if Gabby is having a bad game.

    I would also like to see us sign Robbie Keane, what do you think guys?

    I also like Sully Muntari, Flamini and Gago. They are all good solid performers for me on football manager.

    What do you think guys?

  14. Just to add I hope Manchester City FAIL, and that they don’t sign Robbie Keane so we can rofl lol hah 🙂 🙂

  15. Let him go. otherwise there’ll be a permanent headache to deal with. He is not worth all the love, affection and understanding the Club has shown in his direction.

  16. no one player is bigger than the club,if the fat pig wants to leave,please let him fergie.It shows that he has never been loyal to the club.those that did,followed the norms and tradition of the club and that made us successful.Chelsea and man city cannot make us change our stance,so piss off wazza,we will always be united get that into your big head.

  17. I absolutely love the fact you guys are trying to convince yourselves that Hernandez is in any way, shape or form better than Rooney. Absolutely love it, you’ve brightened up my day already.

    Truly hilarious stuff. Cheers guys.

  18. It is good to see a Man.Shitty fan who said Man.Shitty till i die ROFL. Yes mate you are indeed Shitty till you die.

    Remember Son, you can have all the players and can pay them Sheiks 500,000 pounds a week even, but it wont still change the fact that you cannot win a trophy and I am here and you are here. Come back to this list and post when you ACTUALLY win something you Shitty fan.

  19. O by the way Citeh (read Shitty) fan, you have choosen so cowardly you name as SlurAlex. POOR YOU Son, I feel sooooooo bad for you and the likes of you cartoons in Citeh fan base, because the truth of the matter is we got a manager who stuck and build this club when it was failing and how many managers you have changed in the last 25yrs eh. We did one and that brought us a wardroom full of trophies. You name it we got it. Here there are players who consider the manager like Sir Alex and in the past like Sir Matt Busby as their mentors and fathers.

    Can you say that about your Citeh managers. I guess not. Next time you open your immature mouth with nonsense do try to talk with proper reasoning KID. otherwise we can safely assume that all Citeh got are immature KIDs being lured by the sugar candy of money .. Do remmeber your KID days son.

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