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  1. He thats is the mercurial Dimitar Berbatov is on the cusp at United of breaking his league goal scoring record at Tottenham Hotspur and Bayer Leverkusen in all seasons in his carreer.The fans have rewarded him with deserved praise and he in return is scoring.Its a two way street as I see it.
    There is to me a comparison to be made here with Wayne Rooney at present.
    I see Dimitar often looking frustrated and venting when clearly getting frustrated with his “Striking partner”.The most talked about player of recent who simply does not have the qualities of Berbatov.Dimitar can dribble waltz past opposition players, can Wayne Rooney? Dimitar has a marvelous trick occasionaly up his sleeve to entertain us and for us to go WOW!! can Rooney do that?
    I think because Rooney is English and therefore attacts additional media attention for the craving of British Bulldog figure he is being allowed a stay of abuse which to me is wrong.When Dimitar Berbatov was not offered this same allowance.Rooney wears his “heart” on his sleeve and this appeals to some supporters.He works tirelessly bombing all over the park but does not even stand in Berbatov’s shadow.Recall one Carlos Tevez who applied the headless chicken routine so ineffectively in his last season at United is mirroring exactly Rooneys current form.Work over substance.
    Dimitar can cover the ball with grace and strength and comfortably retain it under pressure from two or more opposing players and still be capable with vision to deliver a telling pass.Rooney could not acomplish these skills in his pomp lets not forget Rooney is 25 so he is not a fledgling.
    He that is Rooney is costing United in terms of not only goal scoring and assists and more importantly as reported on ROM today in statistics. His woefullness in being capable of delivering a telling pass and completing a respectable %.Everthing that Dimitar is capable of.I would look further rather than immediately to behead the “Import” look to who has likely been carrying the Bulldog and now no longer the Bulldog can even get into the six yard box to finish off.
    Our Goal scoring plight and lack of cannot be laid at the highly skillfull and humble and likeable Dimitar Berbatov.
    I mean plight in the terms to win a few more away games when you may only get one or two good chances but you must be on form and sharp to take them.

  2. Spot on Redscot. I’m flabbergasted as to why so many people aren’t aware of Berbatov’s supreme dribbling ability, his strength, his ability to hold men off and turn a perilous situation into an easily manageable inconvenience a la Xavi. I’m sure many readers of this blog are aware of the English disease that is the love for “passion” and “commitment”, attributes prized above all else, and our mistrust of intelligence (not just in football). Of course workrate and stamina are desired attributes in a footballer, look at Barcelona, who play a game based on relentless pressing, but pressing only works when performed as a unit, not when performed by one individual trying to impress a bunch of retarded, fickle, boneidle fans.

    The thing with Rooney is that he was under-rated for years, particularly around 2007-2008, but once he started scoring 6 yard headers against the likes of Birmingham he was suddenly put on the same level as Torres and Drogba and even spoken of in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo. This whole “bouncing off his shins” thing, it’s been happening for years, he’s never been up there with them lot. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player, you can really appreciate Rooney’s movement and vision when at a game live, but people need to realise that those are Rooney’s stand-out attributes, not his “passion”.

    I also get annoyed when people slag off Berbatov for having a go at his teammates, saying that he’s just a whinger and doesn’t fit in. Rubbish. Have they ever thought that maybe what he’s saying is correct, and that certain players at United lack the vision to see the moves that Berbatov has orchestrated? Must be frustrating when you’re made to look like an idiot because you’ve played a wonderful pass that nobody on your own side was able to figure out.

    As RoM pointed out the other week, some United fans still think fondly of Alan Smith yet won’t take to Berbatov. What utterly embarrassing nonsense.

    Oh and good find with the book Frank, that’s definitely going on my list!

  3. @TOM You took the very words out of my mouth mate!lol. Joking because of your writing skills you develop the point beautifully.
    I am not turning on Rooney dont think that I just would like to see him contribute again and quickly because he will be vitally important for us to win the 19TH title.
    Oddly mate I like “Smudger” Anybody who is suffering from a broken leg being rushed to Hospital that gets attacked in an Ambulance at Anfield holds a special place for me.

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