4 thoughts on “Fancy a good bet? Vidic for PFA Player of the Year

  1. Yeah well i backed him a couple of seasons ago when he was a cert to win it…(at least better placed than this season tbh) and he obviously didnt win it. So i wouldnt be taking this bet.
    And i dont think the torres performance effected the outcome that season cuz the players would already have voted before that game or so i was told.

  2. I dont bet either, not for any other reason than I am as poor as a Church mouse and Scottish so I have zips on my pockets.Also I have an acute understanding of Mathematics and probability. 😉
    I would go for Rooney if I was really wealthy and did not mind flushing my wager down the Porcelain but it would be great to see his name on a betting slip disappear down the Cludgie!
    My long shot would be Rafael** for personality, growth in such a short time,because he epotimises to me what it means to be a United player.Plus you get two De Silvas for the price of one.Bargain, sorted!
    My favourite United player for excitement and that extra something is Nani** but he recently has went off the Boil and not turning me on.So sorry darling am gonna have to pick someone else.!:)
    I cant disagree with that Titan of defence who has dragged the team through to record some great results and “draws”.
    He would be my United pick Nemanja Vidic **.
    I am awa to nick the Girl friends houskeeping and put the money/bet on Gareth Bale the flavour of the month. 😉

  3. Nemamja vidic deserves it.a natural athlete!throws his head into places no 1 will dare.has a burning desire to succeed!he is stong!got spring!excellent tackles!fighting spirit!attitude 100% !consistency!he is simply the best superman defender,one of a kind!a good soldier/true warrior,he never backs down!the steal/heart of defence in MAN UTD N Football as a whole.VIDA must be awarded the PFA of the year.period

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