3 thoughts on “‘Berbagoals’ wins it for United at Blackpool

  1. I found it interesting just how much more dangerous united looked in the final third after Rooney got subbed off. Within just a couple of minutes of coming on, Hernandez was through on goal after springing the offside trap, and his movement and general attacking play continued to be fantastic for the rest of the game.

    If Rooney isn’t performing, he shouldn’t be starting. It’s as simple as that.

  2. Bravo to Sir Alex…his substitutions worked brilliantly!!!….first replacing Gibson and putting Giggs at half time and then putting Javier for Rooney when many thought Berba will be the one who’ll be removed…Giggs for me won it…his presence was enough for united to seal a comeback…he was tremendous as usual in the left wing…bow to the LEGEND!!…he did it…and Javier would have always scored!!!….Berba showed that he can score away from home as well…and well people say that he is a lazy player and don’t run after the dead balls and blah blah!!!…in both the games, that is against Birmingham and now Blackpool…he was full of energy and was a vital figure for us towards the end!!!…proud of you red devils!!!…great character showed by our team….brilliant performance in the 2nd half…

  3. I think Wayne’s overall performance have been good recently…he was fantastic against Birmingham in the weekend…before that he was one of the few united players along with Vidic and Rafael who performed well against spurs…the only problem with him right now is that he’s not scoring…and the the most vital thing for a striker is to score…but he’s a supportive striker…creating spaces for Berbatov…roaming around in the midfield passing around the ball pretty well…initiating some important moves…playing his brilliant one touches….and don’t worry… sooner or later he’ll start scoring again…and he’ll be unstoppable!!!
    Javier been more clinical than him…and been brilliant as well…but i’ll still prefer Rooney over him…he was poor in the 1st half against Blackpool but we should realize that all united players were poor in the 1st half…right now i’m happy with javier coming as a sub and scoring for us when most needed…

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