1 thought on “Crawley Town will give United "the utmost respect"

  1. I see a Giant killing in the Pipe line,I think Crawley town might fail this time. 😉
    The Blessing of all this is Chelsea ave a replay, as do City, more pressure and games to wear them out.So that’s good. Spuds knocked out, shame.
    If you want to look on the bright side, that was our second string out against Southampton, there was an improvement, in comparison to the Carling cup game against Wet Spam. Lets be honest the middle defence was way much better, look for some positives.We all know the midfield of United is dire, from top to bottom, excluding Paul, Darren, and Micheal.We need squad players though.That’s what we used at St Marys.simple as.
    If we need to field our strongest side against Crawley town, its amazing.Aint gonna happen! The boss is putting up a Red Herring!
    The team last night that played, at St Marys has more than enough to knock them out.If not. Why am I, Even thinking “IF”. Play the United youths, they will put Crawley out, and bleed them for the big games at Old Trafford.The progression of United youth.The United way.
    This match is in between the “Noisy nobodys” and a “wee” trip to a dangerous venue on the Medi.Be afraid doon there?Its ominous the Red Devils from Sussex have the same probs on a miniscule scale to the “Big” Devils.
    Ohhh money and planning and thinking ahead.Its a tricky one. lol

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