How excessive rotation can destroy cohesion

There are times in football when certain opinions are formed without having concrete evidence to support them – except statistics which we all know can often be misleading. One such observation which comes to mind is the possibility that managers, including Sir Alex Ferguson, may have taken the practice of squad rotation a little too far resulting in a lack of team cohesion. Manchester United has certainly shown plenty of consistency in the Premier League, suffering just a single defeat, but there can be little argument that many of those performances have left much to be desired.

All logic goes out the door in the FA Cup

As Sir Alex Ferguson once famously exclaimed ‘Football…Bloody Hell’. Perhaps it would have been appropriate for him to say ‘FA Cup…There’s No Logic’ after Blue Square League minnows Crawley Town went to Old Trafford and came agonisingly close to taking Manchester United to an FA Cup fifth round replay which Ferguson desperately wanted to avoid. United had even took the lead in less than half an hour which should have opened the floodgates instead, the complete underdogs finished well on top of the Premier League leaders!

Give Red Nev an Old Trafford farewell on Saturday

Sentimentality plays no part in the tough world of professional football…and nor should it. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has a huge job to get done and is hardnosed enough to do what’s required. Having said that, I would love to see recently retired club legend Gary Neville given a few minutes in the Crawley Town cup tie at Old Trafford so that he could say his goodbyes to the Old Trafford faithful. Is that stretching the feel good factor too far?