6 thoughts on “Michael Owen could be on a thoroughbred to Oz

  1. In exchange for a goal tommorow,:) HISTORY, eh.? He is donkey, look at his pedigree.Class act.OZ seems like the right place, Neighbors. 🙂

  2. @ozipool, I really don’t think that RedScot is slagging off anyone. He just has a quirky Scottish sense of humor -:)

  3. Red scott, I hope your not slaging off the aussie football league? Seems I remeber the last time Australia played England in football the aussies won! what does that say about the english in the premier league? Granted he is a traitor, but go and watch our league leaders Brisbane play on the tube you will be suprised. Besides we are but 6 years old, imagine another 20 years like all things sport we will consistantly beat you at your own game!

  4. What is this munure shit doin on Newsnow Newcastle. do you think us Mags give a monkeys about your dirty little turncoat money grabbing judas. Just about sums him up really.

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