Selective video hypocrisy is what pisses me off

Nothing pisses me off in football more than hypocrisy! Example, January 27, 2010 “Video evidence, which shows Ferdinand striking Hull City’s Craig Fagan with an arm means that the Manchester United skipper must plead either precedent or accident at the hearing” The outcome? “That panel increased the mandatory three match ban by one game because Ferdinand’s challenge to the FA charge was deemed to be frivolous.” Ok, let’s for a moment accept that it was a fair decision.

Michael Owen could be on a thoroughbred to Oz

When former Manchester United hero Dwight Yorke was first mentioned as a possible Sydney FC marquee signing in the brand new A-League six years ago it was met with disbelief by a cynical Australian public – but it came to pass. The same reaction was again shown when former Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler was approached to sign for North Queensland Fury four years later and Fowler is still playing in Australia with Perth Glory. There is now a strong move by the Newcastle Jets to sign United’s Michael Owen for next season – with a thoroughbred racehorse as part of a deal.

Talking Point: 4th officials can stop the injustice

Let’s be perfectly clear. This is NOT about Manchester United defender Rafael being red carded in the scoreless draw against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday afternoon, that incident was simply the latest example of the injustices which happen in football all too frequently. All clubs have suffered by them but there’s absolutely no reason why they should continue to occur. Huge amounts of money can depend on those type of split second decisions. They can make the difference between championships being won or lost, gain a money spinning spot in European competition and can even result in the ultimate penalty of relegation. The sad fact is that all these controversies can be so easily eliminated!