7 thoughts on “Selective video hypocrisy is what pisses me off

  1. Stop moaning, don’t do it then you wont be punished.

    If consitency in refereeing ever happens United are screwed!

  2. The thing that gets me is we are constantly told that no retrospective action can be taken or bookings challenged or anything like that if the referee has seen the offence. Clattenburg has seen it, deemed it not worthy of a red or a yellow end of story right? Oh no not when its United, we can then bend the rules as much as we like to make sure we get the chance to punish United. And apparently we get preferential treatment!!! It makes my arse smile it really does.

  3. why all the fuss? if gerrard can do it (twice)and nothing is said or done about it and in neither of those cases did his opponent try to block his run

  4. And it wasn’t an elbow…it was an arm raised to get by someone who was blocking his path. If it was an elbow McCarthy wouldn’t be smiling this morning, he’d be out for a few months and then wearing a mask to protect a previously smashed jaw or cheek bone. Think Gascoigne after the Dutch did him twice in one match a few years back without anyone being sent off as far as I remember.

  5. Just busy reading the crap that silly old gobsh*te Whelan is coming out with this morning. FA are scared to punish him because he is Ronney and they are scared to punish United. He even says any other team would not get treated like that. Is he real? Gerrard smashing Michael browns face in last season with an elbow? No action, Nigel De Jong breaking Ben Arfas leg this season, no action. Joey Barton elobowing in the face, no action. Are they scared of Liverpool City and Newcastle as well then Dave? The bloke is a complete and utter embarassment eveytime he opens his big mouth.

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