2 thoughts on “Talking Point: 4th officials can stop the injustice

  1. “Do you agree with technology being used to reduce unjust decisions in football”?Yes a big yes.However as we all know there are several stumbling blocks to this improvement to the game.Mr Platini and Mr Blatter are two of several.

    One significant problem is how far in terms of where does the improved technology reach just the Premiership, N power Championship or all inclusive as an example the Blue square league.
    As is highlighted in the article the Fourth official’s authority needs to be increased to be more active in the real play.It appears to me all he is currently responsible for is players footwear,match ball,controlling the managers in the technical area and mundane parts of the match like extra time to be played over and above the ninety minutes.

    There is clearly a danger of over officiating as we have seen in the experiment intially in the Europa league and extended to the Champions league matches of 6 officials.I cant recall of any occasion when either of those two additional officials behind the goal line contributed in a meaningfull way to match decisions.Its nice to have a Black wand though.They are not even provided with a means to communicate to the referee through his ear.
    This is clearly an attempt to stop the intoduction of the technology that is required.

    We must be very carefull with the pointing of fingers at referees and other officials repeatedly.In Scotland we recently had a full scale “walk out ” of match officials and as some people may be aware Referee’s and their assistants had to be drafted in from Europe to allow the Scottish Premiership matches to be completed.
    The errors bye the officials anyhow to me are good talking points and fun which create discussion and little digs at each other.
    There are a few real killers though, like as example the Frank Lampard goal for England in the world cup, ohhhh what a shame đŸ˜‰
    Mike Dean is still a fool however.A day later the pain and annoyance is not so significant, till we meet again Mr Dean. đŸ™‚

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