White Hart Lane

United title charge stalled by Newcastle

So it turned out to be the old chestnut. Did Manchester United gain a point or did they lose two in the title chase? An answer may be provided in 24 hours when Arsenal face Spurs in what could be their last chance to stay in the race. The bottom line is that United surprisingly failed to find the net for a second successive game. Credit must go to Newcastle however for a spirited defensive performance which enabled them to hang on to their point despite facing a second half barrage.

Talking Point: 4th officials can stop the injustice

Let’s be perfectly clear. This is NOT about Manchester United defender Rafael being red carded in the scoreless draw against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday afternoon, that incident was simply the latest example of the injustices which happen in football all too frequently. All clubs have suffered by them but there’s absolutely no reason why they should continue to occur. Huge amounts of money can depend on those type of split second decisions. They can make the difference between championships being won or lost, gain a money spinning spot in European competition and can even result in the ultimate penalty of relegation. The sad fact is that all these controversies can be so easily eliminated!

United power on as Tottenham is denied

The first priority for Manchester United was to avoid defeat at White Hart Lane and in the end it was a case of mission accomplished. Tottenham will consider this scoreless draw a missed opportunity after defender Rafael was harshly red carded 17 minutes from the end but with captain Nemanja Vidic an absolute colossus in the centre of the defence, United held out for the point that takes them back to the top of the table with two games in hand.