4 thoughts on “United title charge stalled by Newcastle

  1. A very happy toon fan tonight. Just thought I’d comment on your side. I think you missed a creative spark tonight, something which Giggs has provided the past few of your games, he’s too slow for the wing now and doesn’t get involved as much. Fletcher however is a huge miss for you, he is your ball winning midfielder. Very much like Tiote for us. Carrick is pretty toothless and needs to be playing alongside someone like Fletcher. Point deserved for both teams tonight.
    Good luck for the run in and for the Champions league lads 🙂

  2. Your good wishes are much appreciated Andy. Just a thought for those fans who seem to take great pleasure in having a go at Berba. What would they have said if it was him that wasted those glorious chances Rooney and Giggs had tonight? That’s football folks, it happens to the best of them!

  3. A frustrating performance, made even more frustrating by the fact that Nani looks to be back to his bad old ways. He really disappointed me tonight.


    I’m worried taht his excellent form of the past year has been a blip, and he’s now back to his old level. I really, really hope I’m wrong on this.

  4. Yes Red Ben, but was Nani the only one that was frustrating? It was that sort of night yet at the end of the day, it may prove to be a good point to come away with.

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