8 thoughts on “Some United fans do NOT deserve Berbatov

  1. I agree 100%. Berbatov is pure class!! The way he effortlessley holds onto the ball when defenders hover, his vision, his passing ability and his aerial prowess as well. Fans can say what they want, Berbatov is a genius and I still believe there are many more goals and assists coming up for him this season!! I would like to see Berbatov play a deeper role with a Rooney or Hernandez playing ahead of him. I think we will then see the best of him!!!

  2. Thankyou! I think these facts and stats need to be hammered into some fans minds so they start appreciating him more…my observation(not criticism) is that the frustation he shows with players around him doesn’t often reflect well for him…maybe he needs to figure that out with the players on the training ground…like an example is that whenever there is a cross coming from either side..berbatov will always hold his run on the egde of the box and not make the run in the 6 yard box but somehow the cross is never(hardly) cut back! but there is no denying his ability, talent, vision of the game and certainly way better then the headless chicken he is always compared to!
    Go berba! go ahead and murder the villans!

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  4. Great piece.

    It’s unfortunate that other bloggers ignore stats such as these – ignoring the stats is ignoring the facts.

    A refreshing change to read a United blogger who doesn’t only write about the faults that they look for…

  5. Fantastic piece. Where can I read more.
    Written similar in the past – I congratulate the author(s). Many simple cannot understand the reason for the indifference in opinion: “Psychology of Crowds” is a well-known psychosis and Tevez’s (rightful) departure has unfortunately precipitated unparalleled abuse from the Terraces never before seen at OT. Shocking.

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