15 thoughts on “United power on as Tottenham is denied

  1. Acfter watching Spurs draw against Manchester United, I am more cnvinced than ever that we really need a sharp striker who could have made the difference.

  2. As i have always felt we are not firing on all cylinders as was shown yet again today.We are getting the task in hand achieved through a magnificent World class central defensive partnership in Rio and Nemanja.
    We should all be very proud as Reds that we got out of White Hart Lane with a point and the ” Invicibles ” target can be overtaken.
    Lets be realistic this squad that Arry and his predecessors, as been asembled at a huge cost in relation to the money spent on this United squad.Its night and day!
    Its the United way through youth and building from the base.i just feel so chuffed seeing the young players at United who accept the gaunlet that is thrown down to them and they rise to the challenge.
    I just feel with a player like Luka Modric who to me reminds me of the magnificent Paul Scholes in his hayday he ran the show for Tottenham Hotspurs today, we need that sort of player to control the tempo and pace of the game.
    Darren is one of my loves, he is Scottish(Thats not nepotism) he simply is not at the top of his game.He needs to calm down and slow his thinking he is running around like a water carrier and giving the ball away repeatedly.
    He can do so much better we know this, he has provided this before.Stand back Fletch.Micheal Carrick was great at sheilding the defense but offered no real threat in an attacking midfielder role.I guess thats what he was asked to acomplish to negate the threat of Van der Vaart
    We lacked no real presence on the wings to get at their weak links Assou-Ekotto and Alan Hutton.Both these players particulary Hutton have a tendency to bomb forward and forget there defensive responsibilities.We did not take advantage of this weakeness. Clearly missing Antonio Valencia and Nani with a poor invisible game.
    It was a great point for me, we are in the driving seat and still to get into gear, well fastforward gear!
    One aspect i cant let slip bye is this disgrace that is Rafael sending off.
    Is there no such thing today as respect your fellow professionals,Assou-Ekotto should hold his head in shame.I wont start on Mike dean, he has ruined Uniteds chances several times now.A disgrace of officating.Go to Spec Savers Mike am sure they have them in the Wirral.If not its a short journey to Liverpool.Innit.
    Cmon You Reds.

  3. Today was just one battle in a 38 game war John. Ferguson’s main objective would have been to avoid defeat and that was achieved fairly comfortably. United have only scored two less than leading goalscorers Arsenal having played one fewer game so I’m not sure that the team is lacking firepower

  4. Rooney and Berbatov were both poor today,we got the point and our defence was solid, the sending off was a joke but a draw was probably a fair result,ciddy fans will have to get used to us being top Again!

  5. Reg, a draw away from home against a strong title contender is the sort of result that wins championships

  6. RedScot how the hell can you say it’s night and day, there were 4 players in your team today that cost you more than spurs 1 record signing, ferdinand, berbatov and rooney were all around 30 million and carrick valencia anderson and nani were all around 20 million (out record signing is 16.75 million for modric) night and day?ridiculously deluded opinion, the only youth players you can boast is giggs and scholes and that was 20 years ago, that is why manchester united fans have such a bad name, get your facts right!

  7. @ste# 2006 – 2011 Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season

    1 Manchester City £455,670,000 £55,050,000 £400,620,000 £80,124,000
    2 Tottenham £227,300,000 £135,100,000 £92,200,000 £18,440,000
    3 Sunderland £116,850,000 £46,725,000 £70,125,000 £14,025,000
    4 Aston Villa £124,850,000 £67,650,000 £57,200,000 £11,440,000
    5 Liverpool £195,240,000 £149,480,000 £45,760,000 £9,152,000
    6 Stoke City £54,725,000 £10,920,000 £43,805,000 £8,761,000
    7 Fulham £63,675,000 £28,875,000 £34,800,000 £6,960,000
    8 West Ham £99,070,000 £68,225,000 £30,845,000 £6,169,000
    9 Wolves £33,025,000 £8,225,000 £24,800,000 £4,960,000
    10 Chelsea £123,500,000 £101,800,000 £21,700,000 £4,340,000
    11 Everton £64,750,500 £45,250,000 £19,500,500 £3,900,100
    12 West Bromwich Albion £46,585,000 £27,560,000 £19,025,000 £3,805,000
    15 Bolton £45,250,000 £26,750,000 £18,500,000 £3,700,000
    14 Manchester United £164,300,000 £150,850,000 £13,450,000 £2,690,000

    What was your point again Dear?

  8. I think i have frightened Ste off with Facts. Keep it Red lads.
    You know it makes sense onto the Brummies.
    Bonsoir ma fellow Reds and the Spuds that try and fail. 🙂

  9. I can only assume that his point was regarding the value of the respective playing squads on the day, going by reported transfer fees, approximately £164.4m for the United squad, £97.55m for the Spurs squad (excluding non-playing squad members in both cases).

    I’m sure you’ll agree that both clubs have bought some complete shite over the years (Rebrov springs to mind for us, Veron for you guys), and yes we’ve thrown money at a load of old tat in recent history, but you can hardly call it night and day when both teams have such expensive squads.

  10. Rebrov was a great player ruined by a retarded manager. End of.

    Also, Man Utd have spent far more than Spurs on players who are lazy and willing to sit on the bench while others do all the hard work (like Solksjaer)

    Eric Cantona
    Peter Schmeichel
    Paul Ince
    Roy Keane
    Dwight Yorke
    Ole Solksjaer
    Andy Cole
    Dion Dublin
    Rio Ferdinand
    Nemanja Vidic
    Mark Bosnich
    Massimo Taibi
    Edwin Van Der Sar
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy
    Jordi Cruyff
    Karel Poborsky
    Jesper Blomqvist
    Juan Veron
    Teddy Sheringham
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Wayne Rooney
    Dimitar Berbatov
    Michael Carrick
    Patrice Evra
    Gerard Pique
    Michael Owen
    Carlos Tevez
    Alan Smith

    The fact is that Man Utd, more than any other PL team, have bought their success and that is shown by their lack of trophies when unable to ocmpete in the transfer market

    But don’t worry, you got away with Vidic pulling VDV’s shirt in the penalty area and Rafael not being sent off for waving an imaginary yellow card.

  11. anon, you must be the absolute KING of shit stirrers! If not the question has to be asked whether you’re sober.

  12. Wouldn’t agree with anon – the reason Man U are at the top at the moment is that despite not having the best squad in the league, they work as a team, more so than any other.

    Not really sure what he’s trying to say wrt sitting on the bench to be completely honest.

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