2 thoughts on “Sir Alex shows United's respect to 'little Crawley'

  1. I dont know about sending Mike Phelan alone to Wrexham, could he find his own way back? 🙂 The boss is showing respect, his he, lol to me it looks like he is “yawning” its hardly the way to show respect is it! :).Or maybe he is just balling someone out, or hollering at the officials.Aye thats what it will be, he his cussing at the 4th official. :)Mike looks like he is sucking on a Granny sooker. 🙂
    Seriously now, no he should delegate and use his managerial skils, well thats my opinion, Mike would be more than capable of running the rule over the “Crawlies”.Reporting back to the boss,maybe he disnae trust Mike :)He in that case, could have delegated to Rene Meulensteen,he was probably tied up also.
    They say the FA cup is dying.This is what the FA cup, is all about these potential monstrous,bananna skins.Crawley Town the minnow picking up a huge payday, of £1.0 million pounds, which secures their financial stability, I understand for potentially 2-3 years.Brilliant.
    Also the Crawley supporters, potentialy up to 11 Thousand people, have a fabulous day out in Manchester and at Old Trafford.Magic.
    Bring it on, its gonna be great Govan against Cambuslang,in Glasgow terms Rangers against Celtic. The Teddy Bears against the Tims.
    I Think he does not, want any embarrassments. Nor do any of us. 🙂

  2. Fair go mate. Yes the boss looks like he’s yawning but he’s even older than me. I would be as well at that time of night! -:)

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