16 thoughts on “PHOTO: Valencia’s back but here’s a WARNING

  1. Fair comment — you’re right, the fella deserves our patience.

    What about Carrick and Gibson, do they?

  2. This is great news, that evening at Old Trafford, when he stumbled or his studs got caught in the turf,I just felt sick.I new immediately bye the Gers player holding his head, that it was serious.I new or thought, can we get any more bad luck at that stage of the season.He will be like a new signing, I am delighted for him and United.Now we might see Rooney start scoring some goals with headers, from Antonio’s potent delivery of a football.Plus using the width of the football park, which Manchester United are famed for, on the counter attack.
    I accept the need for patience, not only with his lack of “real match” time, and probably his fear in his head of further damage or possible weakness in the ankle.Anyhow, it will be great to see him back properly in a United shirt.
    I think also he is one of the best right wingers in the Premiership at being totally unselfish, in his defensive duties, he tracks back slavishly, which will help, Rafael or John O’shea.Double bonus.Plus he can chip in with the odd goal and obviously a few assists.
    No pressure then. 😀

  3. To be fair to Gibson, he’s had a couple of very good performances of late… can’t argue with that.

    Carrick though… jury is out. Not sure he is improving… getting worse more like.

    Glad Valencia is back though… give him a couple of weeks and he will be raring to go.

  4. @ Spoon, its a squad game mate, lets not “Hang” out an international player , out to dry. I realise what you are saying, you mean backpass, sideways pass.He will come good, mibbes or mimbes not, we need to support our players. Full stop.:)
    Its time to be United and push on for the “19TH” Starting today at the Bridge, its so close, you can almost smell it mate.
    I know I will be in my armchair with a Cider in in hand watching with a love, and praying, for a United win.
    We can do this, without playing to, Uniteds potential.
    Shout your heart out for United, at the Bridge.
    Cmon You Reds, do us proud.

  5. I think even in the absent of valencia united is still doing well, we miss val i hope he comes back than expected, as for carrick and gibson they are nt playing to expectation, let’s go to bridge and win with a sound and strong squad. UP UNITED

  6. Valencia is good we really miss him ,i believe nani is performing great but warning to Nani he should keep selfishness from today’s match a make sure he serve the ball well to our attack cos chelsea is not an easy club to beat.. Wish united all the best

  7. i believe nani is performing great but warning to Nani he should keep selfishness from today’s match and make sure he serve the ball well to our attack cos chelsea is not an easy club to beat.. Wish united all the best

  8. @Spoon …

    You name is correct… you are a spoon to suggest Gibson is played well of late! He’s crap, along with the others like Bebe and Obertan and co!!! NOT united quality! Worst Squad i have seen at United for some time!

  9. @Paul
    worst squad?
    lets see…. prems top scorer supported by wayne rooney?
    beyond that last season we had nothing and it showed at the end of the season, step in chicarito!!!!
    prems top assister(nani)
    with arguably our best winger from last season returning from injury, i,d say hes filled in brilliantly.
    as for our other back up wingers giggs n park well, if theyre not good enough, then what do i know!
    arguably the best gk in the league, still, if not the world.
    arguably, the best cb partnership in world football, with players like smalling(exxcellent so far this year) and evans who i admit has played poorly this season, brown and oshe if needs be, i,d say we were superb for centre backs!
    evra, rafael and fabio? great attacking fullbacks if you ask me!
    i admit our centre of midfield is not the best its ever been, but scholes still passes and controls games better than any player in the league and alongside any one from carrick, fletch, anderson and gibson, we have enough horses for courses to make a very very good team, whos qualities include great strengtrh in depth!
    sorry Paul, have to disagree!

  10. yeah he needs time but hopefully he will be back to his old form asap, cos nani is all nice and capable of that magic moment. but he is also very frustrating to watch with wild shots, some dreadful cross and he still goes down like a girl. his taking a bit longer than ronaldo to get most of his decisions right but hopefully he will start making the right choices soon.
    valencia is the perfect counter balance to him his intent to get a good cross in, be strong in the tackle and track back.

    on carrick and gibson i just dont know if they should be here next season and its up to them to prove they deserve another season/
    gibson is coming across like a lampard hard shot and the odd decent pass but not much else.
    carrick sometimes looks steady but can get lost in games and sometimes looks like dead weight.

    we have needed a new midfield for a few years now, ever since barca ripped as a new one and we have let some talent players go elsewhere at decent prices the likes of hernanes and van der vaart have slipped through the net.

    i trust fergie but our midfield is our weak link at the moment and we are in big trouble if scholes decides to hang up his boots and even then he can only play so many games.

  11. Give us our width back!
    KO is 22:45 where I am. Wearing Green and Gold & about to pop a beer and kick back for an exciting match.
    Come On You Reds 🙂

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