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  1. @ HeavyRiffs – Our ground is full for Cup Games now with The Glazers in charge yes. However let me cast your mind back to 2003/2004 season before the Glazers where in charge when we knocked your lot out of The F.A Cup 4-2 at Old Trafford. On the 14 Feb 2004 Old Trafford’s Attendance was 67,228 – a near full capacity for a F.A Cup (bear in mind the Nort West Quandrants hadn’t finished being built)Also 2002/2003 F.A Cup 3rd Round Game v Portsmouth at Old Trafford – Attendance: 67,222..
    Was all us supporters back then forced to buy tickets? I think not my fellow Manc. We went (as we do now) because we love United! As for this locality unwritten rule, I am as many other United supporters are proud to be a multi cultural football club and Welcome fans and supporters Globally, it’s a shame your club are still stuck in the 80’s because you may benefit as we have. Football has changed, its about time City did.
    Since you think you are making progress I will also bring to your attention that against Fulham you played 3 strikers Ballotelli, Dzeko and Tevez and only managed a 1-1 draw! Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s nearly £100 Million worth of strikers.
    The Stretford End 35 year ticker is not an obsession, it’s poking fun at you lot for your 35 year trophy famine! A little less vulgar than the Munich chants your minority of fans choose to sing to score point do ya think? You call it a waste of time being updated year in year out yet you’re on a United Blog commenting about it?! Surely that means you are indeed, wasting your own time?
    I’m sorry to disappoint you but your progress will only be respected when you actually win trophies and if you do, you can then sing from the rooftops as we do now.
    How you can judge a person to be a “pleb” by just reading a website is again – as narrow minded as the minority of vile supporters that vacated Old Trafford on Derby Day singing Munich songs.
    You tell us to look at our Club yet YOU are the one on a United Blog? You are confusing the word obsession with comedic my friend. Before anyone wants to jump on my comment I will list some phrases that will be ignored: Rag – Munich – Swamp – “Times Are Changing”, tick, tock and so on and so on – I’ve heard them all before. And just a reminder – I am Manc, live in Manchester and have been a season ticket holder for 25 years.

  2. Maine Road was at capacity when we were in the third tier of football, with averages of 27,000ish. Now that Newcastle have been promoted, we have the fourth highest attendances in the league, third highest last year. You picking out one random cup game, does not a point make, especially as it was a derby game? I never once mentioned your fanbase, or your global appeal? It’s folly to state City haven’t made progress, it’s there for all to see, irrespective of you yet again pulling one game out of the air in the Fulham game. Mancini has been lambasted for being too negative this season by none blues and blues alike. Yet when he plays three strikers and doesn’t win, then he’s got it wrong again, can’t do right for doing wrong. I’m happy with our league position and progress, couldn’t care less what any reds think about it, as I don’t follow their club either.
    Yes we’ve spent shedloads of money, how many 20 and 30M players have Untied shelled out for over the years? We’re trying to catch up fast and get into the Sky four, before the new financial rules kick in, how is that a bad thing, football as a whole is more competitive?
    How are we stuck in the 80’s, very confusing statement that one, not sure what you’re getting at?
    The old Munich soapbox is always my favourite when your lot roll it out, it’s a vile chant, never used it in my life, a small minority do. Never heard a Hillsborough chant from your lot? Again, double standards…
    As has been stated by several people before, across several articles, your articles are linked to the Newsnow Man City page, as you are doing a story about City. If you did it about United, I wouldn’t get to see it. However as it pops up and SOME of the plebs that post, I feel the need to fight my own clubs corner.
    Couldn’t care less where you come from or live, don’t remember mentioning it, seeing as the whole of your last was directed to myself?

  3. I don’t mind people of all nationalities, colour and creed following the football team of their choice, but I do mind when they start larging it up about how many trophies they’ve won, how many fans worldwide their club has got and so on.
    I don’t know any United fans at all who carry on like some on these blogs, with their hatred and abuse.
    This is because, as I have said before, they actually live and work with just as many City fans as fellow United fans, and anyone who goes too far, is ostracised or gets chinned, in extreme circumstances.
    I personally feel you should support your local football team, like I do with Altrincham and City, and if you feel an affinity for a club elsewhere, like Celtic and Barcelona, like I do, then thats fine too.
    However, I would not feel comfortable boasting to an Espanyol fan about their lack of trophies, or a Rangers fan because they haven’t won the title for a couple of years and so on.
    Similarly, how dare these cocky cockney Reds (and Reds from outside Manchester) post really out of order jibes at Manchester City and their fans?

    If your lives require something to latch on to that fills the need to boast about, something noone can argue with as to being very successful, then maybe you should look at yourselves, and figure out what is causing this desire.(If you start with over protective and controlling parents, then you might get a head start in your self improvement).
    If United take to a downward spiral, will you keep on supporting them, when you have no trophies to boast about? Will you switch teams like fair-weather fans?
    Local United fans will continue to love their club, because that’s what the people of Manchester do, as proven by City fans, but why on earth do people outside Manchester pick United as their team, if not for the Glory and the boasting?

    If you love Manchester so much, why not move here?

    If you did, you would find City and United fans going about their daily lives without batting an eyelid as to who supports what club, we’re all citizens of Manchester, and we all get on 99.9% of the time.

    If this seems like a dig at people who don’t support their local club, well it is. I value loyalty, camerarderie, good humour and fair play in football, this doesn’t seem to matter for Glory hunters, be they United, Arsenal, Chelsea or, not so much now, Liverpool fans.

    People who boast about the silverware are crass, and I dismiss their opinions as worthless, they haven’t paid their dues like true fans should.

    If we all went about picking the most successful teams to support, there would be no Boltons, Burys, Scunthorpes, Hull, Morecambe, Blackpool etc.. etc.., and that is another very good reason to support your local football team.

    All this vulgar one-upmanship is just plain rude.

  4. @It’s Grim Oop North and others, We are all going round and round in circles now which must be getting boring but I must pick up one one of your questions
    “If United take to a downward spiral, will you keep on supporting them, when you have no trophies to boast about? Will you switch teams like fair-weather fans?”

    United DID take a downward spiral all the way down to the second division. I cannot speak on behalf of every single United fan but you can rest assured that the thought of ‘switching teams’ never entered my head even though United went for over a quarter century without winning a title. And I was not the only one because in that second division season, United had the highest attendances in the league INCLUDING every first division club. Sorry folks, that ‘fair-weather fans’ label simply does not hold true.

  5. @Frank
    I think his point was more towards the global following that some of you continually boast about, bums on seats is not the same as global support. City in the third division, 6th best followed club in the Country, but who cares. I think his point was IF Utd have a downward spiral, will the global support remain in the possible trophyless years. Further backing up his point that we’ve been barren for 35 years, but still get bums on seats. Might be wrong, but that was my interpretation of his point, rather than it being a pop at you directly from him.

  6. That’s a fair enough point HeavyRiffs, you may well be right. Rest assured that I did not take the comment as being a personal one but remember, I have been a member of that huge global support since the fifties and it has grown enormously since then. Once you begin supporting a club, irrespective of where you happen to live, you tend to stay with it for life whether the silverware comes flooding in or the club is starved of it for years. I honestly believe that so called ‘glory hunters’ are few and far between when taken as a percentage. It’s a highly overused term that’s often meant as an insult. Yes, some do exist in many major clubs but they’re not only at United, perfect examples are Chelsea and Arsenal in the 90’s and especially Liverpool in the 80’s. We all have to accept and live with them.

  7. Frank,
    sorry i only get to post first thing in the morning and last thing at night, the PC is hogged by my aforementioned missus on Facebook after tea, and I’m working long hours at the moment.

    I guess in a nutshell, I was wondering where all this vile abuse towards City from United fans come from, on the web, when I get nothing like it in my everyday life.

    This got me to thinking about my fellow Mancs, and how we rarely even talk about our clubs in relation to each other, as we have to keep it polite, for reasons I’ve already outlined.

    I have come to the conclusion the people who post outlandish insults and wind-ups, have no-one around them to tell them to wind their necks in, or face immediate and unpleasant social, and as a last resort, physical retribution.

    These people are either hermits, or not surrounded by City fans, and therefore not from Manchester.

    When Chelsea beat United last night, I kept my gob well shut, or the missus would give me hell, this is how it works, and this is how we keep a sense of humour about City too.

    However, when others breach these unwritten rules of conduct, it drives us insane, and often retaliation is just as ugly – this is what I’m sick of, and it annoys me that not one United fan I know, would even dream of speaking to a City fan like this, except on Derby day, at the match, in their own section, when it’s annoymous anyway.

    Thanks for not turning my points into a slanging match, I hope what I’ve said sinks in to some of the United (and City) posters, who can’t behave as the real Manchester supporters of both sides have to.

    And if you’ve got that much anger inside, vent it on the bin-dippers!

  8. Hello Grim, Remember that there is a 10 hour time difference between where we live so delays are inevitable, no apologies are needed. What you say is sensible and mature which I believe to be the key. Many of the people going on blogs and forums have still got a juvenile mentality and don’t even realise when they sometimes go too far with their comments and profanities.

    Personally I see little wrong with banter and wind ups as long as they are within reason. As an example, one of my son in laws is a Chelsea man, another is a Gooner while a third has been a Liverpool fan for years. Whenever we get together we can spend ages taking the piss out of each other but it never gets out of hand. We sometimes dish it out and other times we have to take it. The same applied to a couple of colleagues at work before I retired, we used to enjoy having a couple of cups of coffee together following games and have a bit of banter.

    Now just to return to the above article for a moment. Have another look at what’s written, it’s not long, and tell me if you find and insults or profanities in it. Yes, the ticking clock may be offensive to some City fans but it was a reminder of how long that Cup Final had been. The picture of the winning goal was to help bring back some pleasant memories as you pointed out “Thanks for the Denis Tueart overhead kick memories anyhow, that was a good day.”

    Having said that, I admit that some people may detect a note of sarcasm in it but look at the first couple of comments that came back – were they justified by the article? Rival fans will then begin to respond in kind and the whole thing starts to snowball from there.

  9. Frank,

    have to say, your article was a good bit of banter, it’s just unfortunate that when it comes alongside some of the stuff from Republik of Mankunia, it gets tarred with the same brush, which on reflection is unfair.

    It really annoys me when I read wind-ups directed at City fans, when the tirade of abuse follows, and lots of it is really nasty (eg I hate Sh*tty, f**king C*nts etc..), and often the same kind of abuse gets hurled back.

    My point is, I’d rather there were no wind ups at all if they descend into this kind of slanging match, no matter how well crafted they are, and to deny they aren’t designed to get a rise out of City fans is of course even more infuriating!

    I guess I’m being idealistic, but I’d like to see some mutual respect shown to each other’s club and particularly to the fans, we’re all human beings, and most of us are close neighbours.

    Well, I think we’ve exhausted that topic, and a good win over the Villa means we may well meet in the FA cup final, if Reading roll over nicely, and you beat the Arse.

    Maybe the banner will be coming down with knobs on eh??

  10. Grim, the bottom line is that you’re a Blue and I’m a Red, you’re in Manchester and I’m thousands of miles away in Australia yet we can still be civil with each other without insults and profanities. Any reason why it cannot be the same for all the other City and United fans?

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