7 thoughts on “Shut up and do something constructive Mr Blatter

  1. Funny you should say that Fabre Faction “In fact, if we could just seperate Liverpool from the mainland and set it floating off somewhere.” I have seen so many comments from Scousers over the years claiming that they are NOT English and are not part of the country. Your suggestion will go down well with them. Let them live in Scouseland and compete in their own league together with the likes of Everton, Tranmere and so on, they may then have a chance of winning some sort of championship.

  2. Unfortunately scousers will be scousers (Jamie Carragher incident). They sound like scum and they play like scum. I’m surprised that Carragher and Gerrard haven’t been jailed before now. They are bullies and they deserve to be hung drawn and quartered. The sooner Liverpool football club dissappears up it’s own arse the better for English football. In fact, if we could just seperate Liverpool from the mainland and set it floating off somewhere then the whole country would benefit.

    Blatter should be tortured and left for dead in the third world with a tattoo stating “Head of world football, I will screw your country given half a chance”.

  3. Mate, I cannot make a reasonable comment because I have never lived there and not visited for 20 years. I simply repeated what many Scousers themselves have put in print. I also remember seeing a British Government report a couple of years back that cities like Liverpool will no longer be sustainable by the middle of the century. Apart from that, I have absolutely no reason to doubt your opinions.

  4. Frank……………. I would agree that they are not English and not part of the country. In the past ten years I have spent almost two years in Liverpool for work, it is the most god awful place in the British Isles. I also know quite a number of scousers that have moved away from Liverpool and they think of it as the most god awful place also. Unfortunately it breeds malcontents with massive chips on their shoulders. Maybe it is the accent, maybe its the communal defeatism in all social and political arenas, maybe it’s clinging to the Beatles and the past glory of Liverpool football club. Whatever it is, it is certainly not English. There is no future in Liverpool, only dispair and memories.

  5. For the record Frank, I agree with your lauding of Bosnich’s suggested rule. It may well make many players think twice before a brutal crunching tackle. The only problem I can forsee is that in those situations where blame is questionable, i.e. freak injuries from non-reckless incidents, there may be months of appeals against rulings. I cannot see the FA and/or the Premiership introducing such a rule without a number of levels of appeal and the inherent complicated wording that would lead to grey areas and legal disputes. That said, such a rule would certainly be a massive step towards dragging football out of the 18th century it seems firmly embedded in.

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