Foul: The obscene revelations of FIFA corruption

While Truly Reds presents a regular Sunday Review feature which looks at various Manchester United related books, this weeks obscene election – if it can really be described as an ‘election’, of FIFA President Sepp Blatter, prompted me to re examine a 448 page hardback which was published three years ago. Although it’s not specifically about United, the club IS part of world football and as such, this is a book which should be of great interest to any football fan.

Shut up and do something constructive Mr Blatter

So FIFA President Sepp Blatter found a need to open his big, corrupt mouth on the weekend to comment on Wayne Rooney’s elbow incident at Wigan. “This is up to the discretion of the national association” he was quoted as saying “they can use video evidence in the discipline and control committee. If there’s violence the national association can intervene and punish a player – this is permitted. The FA should have thrown the book at him”.

Win or lose to Liverpool but please, NO REPLAY

Common sense dictates that Manchester United could, should and will get past the Liverpool third round FA Cup hurdle on Sunday but nothing can be taken for granted in football and there can be no better example than last season’s 0-1 home defeat by Leeds United to ram home that message. Like every other United fan, I crave defeating the Scousers and obtain safe passage to the fourth round BUT, if the unexpected should happen, I would much rather suffer a painful loss than face the prospect of an unwanted replay that in the bigger scheme of things, United can do without.