10 thoughts on “Win or lose to Liverpool but please, NO REPLAY

  1. Sorry mate but I disagree with pretty much everything you just said. First of all, give me a replay any day rather than losing to that horrible lot.

    Next, scrapping replays shouldn’t happen because, as you point out, smaller clubs need the money that comes from cup days. If they get a draw it’s fair enough that they take their reward of a big day out and a big cash reward, they need it, it’s what keeps some clubs afloat. Denying them that chance because we don’t want one or two extra games a season is pretty short-sighted and pretty ignorant as you are stifling those smaller clubs for selfish reasons.

    Next, withdrawing from the FA Cup?? Are you serious? I know we did it in 2000 but we had 3 weeks in Brazil and a massive fixture pile up waiting, and the small matter of a World Cup bid coming up at the time and having the European Champs duck out of FIFAs competition wouldn’t have gone down well, not that it mattered in the end. If I was a player and wanted to win it and I was told we’d withdrawn I’d be furious. We don’t want to become Liverpool who can only concentrate on one competition at a time.

    Think a bit harder about your suggestions next time.

  2. Understand perfectly what you’re saying Harry. I never expected my opinions to win popular approval but I still maintain that football is now facing new challenges and traditional thinking has to be at least reconsidered.

  3. FC CUP is one of the trophies i want the most…ofcourse i prefer the league title over everything right now coz i want to acquire that number 19…but still…losing to Liverpool will be shameful…they’re out of form…criticized and all…and we can have rooney, rio and van der saar back for this one…it’s time to show once again that there is only ONE RED TEAM IN ENGLAND!!

  4. I can only see two realistic windows where a replay can be placed, next week Wedensday or the following Wedensday.
    These rescheduled dates clearly put pressure on the away game at Spurs and the home tie to Birmingham.
    The Blackpool cancelation scenario brings the fixture pile up to further display that this tie needs resolved (won) on Sunday.
    25th January Blackpool away.
    29th January 4th round of the Fa cup.
    1st February Villa away.
    Anyway should the scousers win or draw we are only assisting in delaying Woys
    Its worthwhile looking at the next time we play Liverpool(assuming this match is resolved sunday) and the fixures immediately prior to that and the two thereafter the 6th round of the FA cup and Marseille at old Trafford.
    There is prestige in the FA cup but no big pot of prize money.
    I guess its priorities!

  5. Hahahaha
    You MANCS are soooo SAD! Always watching for Liverpool fc!! Remember it’s CITEH that are your main rivals!!
    Us Scousers are like your daddys…You been looking up to us for YEARS!!!

  6. @Manu92, how can I argue with your point of view mate? My only comment is that just like Chelsea getting knocked out of Europe could have helped them win the title last season, I want nothing, not even the FA Cup, to stand in the way of a 19th championship for United this year, even the Champions League comes second in my list of priorities. Let’s hope Ferguson achieves his long held ambition of “Knocking Liverpool off their F***ing perch!

  7. Remember Kaz, 21 years without a championship. Why the hell does ANYONE need to look up to the Scousers?

  8. Might have come across a bit harsh there, everyone’s opinion is worth hearing, just I’ve read a lot of dodgy articles and forum posts recently and I think I took the frustration out on one person! In the end you’re thinking about United and that’s the important thing. Keep the posts coming.

    And @Kaz, what are you on about? You’re the one on a United blog, saying we look up to you and also saying City are our main rivals??? Deluded and ignorant, the unquestionable aroma of scouser.

  9. @kaz=go…stand in front of the mirror…and see yourself…and u’ll realize how ugly and pathetic you are….CITEH eh??….ur club only cares about money and profit…no value for your own players…discarding them like nething…given, swp, santa cruz, bridge, adabauyor….then bellamy and ireland also talked abt their depressed lives in city…and the latest one who’ll realize that the grass is not always greener will be Dzeko….first…ask ur club to start respecting your players and to value them…u guys ahve done the same wid poor jhonson…as soon as u got silva….u turned jhonson into a sub…Manchester city sucks!!

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