12 thoughts on “Why the word 'FAIR' can not apply to this rag

  1. Doesn’t everyone else have to deal with the media? You know what would be FAIR? If your cry baby manager got a red card every time he got in an official’s face. THAT would be fair. Stop your bitching, it’s falling on deaf ears. You’re just as bad as that miserable prick “Sir” Alex. Everyone outside of ManU fans and friends of whiskey nose think he’s a spoiled little bitch, which he most certainly is. Stop sticking up for him. You sound like the proud parent of an only child, who blindly sticks up for their rotten kid. He needs to be punished, big time. He needs the dose of reality every other manager gets when they try to pull rubbish like this. Don’t you get it? You don’t get special treatment just because you’re Man United! Unbelievable.

  2. You´ll cheat your way to the PL-crown as you always do…..remember that goal we scored at OT, cheating scumbags!


  3. This is rich coming from munich rooneys punishment is being taken out by karma he shouldve been banned unlucky and your the only fucking rags here

  4. You guys are so bitter about United that you just cannot see reality. Tell me what assistance match officials gave United at Chelsea and Liverpool? And yes dbn, everyone else have to deal with the media as well. The point is that NOBODY should have to straight after a game.

  5. Lets see, 3 delusional jealous ittle club fans running their clueless bitter mouths, typical. Sir Alex haves every right to ignore the ABU gutter trash, its known as human rights you sad double standard hypocrites so go away and actually focus on your “clubs” for once and stop with you anti-United bitter jealousy. This Dennis is just a mental retard crying and ranting like all you other jealous ABU bitches.

  6. Well said Andy. Spot on mate.He was heated and angry, anyone for a Arsene Whinger, after the game at the Camp nou tonight.Fighting in the tunnel with the referee.Its best often to hold your “gun powder”.As we say in Scotland, every dog has his day. 😉
    Quote whinger” He must never have played football in his life to give that decision” Ha Ha.Yes but he is the official, Whinger.What happened to respect other than everybody wants to bring United down.Not a conspiracy.Surely. 😉

  7. You’re acting as though you’re surprised that a “journalist” could write sopmething that wasn’t objective and even handed!

    Sorry mate, where you been hiding? Doesn’t matter what club you support (and Redscot knows who I support), these cretins will just make up whatever crap they can about an issue to sell papers/get hits on their sites. This is a big talking point (well for us alleged ABU’s anyway), and the bollocks this guy has printed has in turn generated a lot more debate – as far as he’s concerned, it’s job done, even if he’s wound a lot of people up in the process.

    For what it’s worth, he has a point, although as a united fan you ain’t goingg to agree wit it – it’s just the patronising way he’s written it that does him no favours.

  8. ‘As we say in Scotland’

    speaks volumes. shite football round your way so you go gloryhunting in England? Pfft.

  9. @Fithcolmnblue, Why are you on this site Bitter.? Did this article have anything to do with you?
    Dont forget, you called my mates on the Republik of Mancunia, cockroaches.
    I have a brilliant memory.
    We will still watch the ” Massive” job in operation.And fail time and time again. 😉
    You really do act like a troll, no mates eh Bertie?

  10. Aw, boohoo scot.

    P.S. for someone with such a good memory, it was you that brought up the cockroaches jiobe, I just turned it back onto your ever so lovely little site.

    Here’s hoping your shit club implodes,

    Fifth. X

  11. @fifthcolumnblue Says.Is that you sending me kisses dear?Ohh sweet.Enjoy your Europa league competition again this year.Cmon the Spuds, Chelsay,Arsenal.
    Shit club? Tick tock. 😀

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