9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Is Chicharito another Denis Law?

  1. This is not an article for me, I love Javier Hernandez he is my generation and to make a comparison between our rising star and a true legend at United is not my place.I will be fascinated to read what the older United supporters think of the Aberdeen loon in comparison to our new United favourite,who is a pleasure to write about.

  2. Mate, the last thing I want to do is demean Denis “The King”. I am also an old fart and hold Law in the highest possible regard so I’m not for one minute suggesting that Chicharito is as good or better, just that there are many similarities in the way he somehow finds a way to get the ball into the net – just like the Lawman did all those years ago.

  3. @ The Boss, I never took it like that “demean” I just cant compare the two, as I know nothing really about the “Law Man” but I am happy to learn as always.
    Javier on the other hand is just fantastic, I will repeat a lot of United supporters do not appreciate what he has brought to United.I talked him up on another United forum during the World cup in South Africa, you could see his lightening speed their and his ability to stay on side and move into the area of the park to recieve the killer ball.
    Also I personally believe because of our various weak areas in the the current United team we would have been eliminated from the Champions league competition.If it had not been for Javiers 85th minute goal in Valencia to secure the win.We know what happens if you finish second, you are clearly at the mercy of the teams that come first.As Arsenal found out to their peril.
    If anybody doubts what i say, check the goal difference between Valencia and United.Thats the value of Javier Hernandez.Not only in financial terms to the Glazer, but for us as United supporters to keep believing.Although under the current tutelage its being tested repeatedly.
    Off to the Pub, for a quick few wets. lol

  4. I saw Dennis Law play just about every game he played for United and several months ago I too likened Chicharito to the King. The more I see him the more I am convinced his style and play follow that of the King. Hope it continues.

  5. Either way, both players are great. Different styles, different tactics, different means..but the same passion and the same game. Its wonderful

  6. @BahamaRed. You must have some great memories of The Lawman mate, you’re a lucky man

  7. You need to compare where he’s scoring his goals from with that of certain dutchman, the similarity is remarkable, go to players on the Premier league site, click on Chico for this season, then go back to Ruud for 2003/4, you’ll be amazed.

    As for Denis, nah he was very special, and there will never be another quite like him, because of the old trafford crown you could hardly see the top of the goal at the other end, but when you an arm go up, you knew Denis had put another away.

  8. I used to watch King Denis at OT when I was a young lad in manchester. He was simply awesome! Chicharito is a fantastic player and I think he could become as great as Denis but the issues off the pitch are more at play these days than they were back then.
    He certainly has great speed in the box and instinctively knows where the net is. That was Denis to a “T”.. so you never know…!

  9. Great memories DK. The King is unlikely to ever be replaced but Chicharito is showing plenty of promise at such a young age. Fingers crossed.

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