16 thoughts on “Tevez out of United semi as karma bites City’s bum

  1. Teves has stopped playing for us since transfer request,Rooney asked for all he got an ignorant micky chav

  2. TEVEZ will be fit for the FA cup semi, he has a knock on his leg…so what a waist of an artical, U MUG

  3. Its Korma Boss not Karma. lol
    Seriously Mancini on the TV just now looks shellshocked! I made de mistake, itz for me.Wez diz not da playz so well ze first 20 meentiz.
    It would be convienent to think there is a conspiracy regards Rooney and a City insider at the FA.Its not proven.What we do know their most potent goalscorer is likely out for the FA cup semi final.The word is also being muted that may be the last game he has played for City “if” the hamstring is serious,as its rumoured he is leaving in the Summer.

  4. @Chris a knock on his leg? How do you know this? He indicated a hamstring rip or tear on the TV? Why the need to call people “Mug”?

  5. Dammit no Bitters to argue over the “waist of an artical”.Off to the pub to imagine us blootering them in the FA cup. Innit. 😀

  6. @CHRIS @john tamburri, lol poor bitters without their bitter talisman, “35 Years F*** all” if you need a hand i’m sure Rooney can help you with the asterisks.

    PS for Tevez to have ‘picked up a knock’ surely he would have needed to touch the ball in the first 15mins 🙂

  7. Here’s another ‘waist’ of an article Chris as reported in the Manchester Evening News “His hamstring is very difficult for Saturday” Mancini said “It is very difficult as it is only five days away. We’ll try to get him fit but we probably need two weeks” You better hope that the Italian is trying to play mind games mate.

  8. Jaysus I wrote a few words on ROM,Probably the most informative forum on the net of United blogs.A shit storm starts over Red Scot! Hells teeth, grow up.Its aint about you or me its about our Club,Manchester United.
    I am just a novice a very keen learner of our Club.
    As I often think its not the artical, its who posts on the artical, to make it fun and interesting.Innit 😀

  9. tbh it wouldnt suprise me to see tevez playing on saturday and this is all a smoke screen.

    we shall see but city have other threats and on form they could prove to be a problem.

    but our mini mex will hopefully do the business on the big day 😀

  10. How is it Karma? There is not a chance Rooney didn’t deserve his ban! He clearly smashed the rules not just a little but as bad as I’ve seen and this right in front of the whole World!! The FA were given no option it was so bad it made the news before the FA said anything about it! He wasn’t banned for simply swearing, he was aggressive and abusive with it and directed it (tell me where other have done this). It’s no good saying other people swear as so does Rooney all the time but this was going way to far. It isn’t just because he swore I’m sure you must know that, it’s about that it the manor and way he behaved while doing it, if he shouts fxxking yes not directly into a camera (as he usually does as do most players) nothing happens and he’s playing in the semi, but he doesn’t does he? Its’ his own stupidity and nothing else that got him banned this was a red card offence which was so blatant it could not be ignored. The only other player I have EVER seen behave like this was Drogba last year and he ended up with a six game ban!

  11. Please explain ME. What did Rooney do except being moronic? The idiot used foul language just like virtually every other player does every week without being suspended. Rooney was charged with swearing into a TV camera at the almost certain urging of Mr Bernstein. Please show me somewhere in the rule book which states that a two match suspension will be the result. It’s a rule that the FA created retrospectively just for Rooney. Drogba was a totally different case, his swearing was directly aimed at the match officials – a totally different kettle of fish. Stupidity by all means but players are not suspended for being stupid.

  12. I can’t quite believe you think this is something new or made just for Rooney. Here is where it states in the FIFA rule book:

    A player, substitute or substituted player is sent off if he commits any of the
    following seven offences:

    Rule six reads-

    * using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures

    Which carries a two match ban and been around for a long , long time.

    What would happen to you Frank if you behaved like that at work and directed a tirade like that to a client? I think you may be looking for new work. Or if you did that did it to someone on a night out in ear shot of the police? You’d be arrested Frank as it is illegal to behave like that. When I see people trying to say he did nothing and play it down I keep seeing my five year old who loves football which is great saying “ why is Rooney angry Daddy? After he had just screamed obscenities down the TV, you may think this expectable but I do not and we do not see and hear that kind of street trash every year never mind week and don’t wish to see it again.

    I can’t believe you think Rooney was charged with ‘swearing into a TV camera’ he was charged with using offensive and abusive from the rule above. I haven’t seen anybody except Rooney direct this kind of abuse at a camera, the people behind it and neither have you, even Drogba’s tirade was aimed at the game and not an individual/s but still as vile for a so called professional. I will repeat this again, it was not a sending off for swearing as you seem to think, but other things from the same rule as well. Yes players swear all the time and if everyone was done for this there would be hardly any left on the pitch but if you cannot see the difference in his swearing in this game and the swearing in his game before then there is no explaining it to you and you can carry on with your conspiracy theories. Rooney’s whole life is a disgrace he’s a complete chav and if not for football I can only see him on the dole and robbing houses in Kirby, get rid in the summer, he’s a total embarrassment.

    Drogba form what I’ve been told received a 2 match ban for foul and abusive and 4 match for bringing the game into disrepute. So he got the same 2 matches anyone would and have for the same! Like Rooney he also he directed it into the camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjgbZPCmr14 clearly into the camera! Not the Ref as you say!

    Your right on one thing Frank players do not get suspended for being stupid (otherwise Rooney would never get a game!) but for using offensive and abusive language they do and always have, in my day the red card was known as foul and abusive language. I hope I’ve answered you questions Frank.

  13. You know what make him look even thicker? One week before the incident Richard Scudamore released a press statement saying there was going to be a crack bad behaviour in general.

  14. @ME. We can go round and round in circles about this matter. Everyone has a biased view including you and me. The guts of your argument is “Rule six which reads – * using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures which carries a two match ban and been around for a long , long time”

    I have absolutely no argument with Rule six IF it was applied consistently and not just for Rooney. There’s no mention of TV cameras in the rule so it’s clear that the charge was cooked up in order to single him out. Yes “offensive and abusive language’ SHOULD be punished as long as it’s applied to EVERYONE who is caught using it – on or off camera.

    Is Rooney thick? He certainly appears to be as you will find out if you read ‘Rooney’s Gold’ but, he gets paid the huge money he does for being a great footballer NOT a frustrated Einstein.

  15. Frank you said ‘Please show me somewhere in the rule book which states that a two match suspension will be the result’ Also ‘It’s a rule that the FA created retrospectively just for Rooney’ I did this and also pointed out it wasn’t created for Rooney and now your moving the goal posts! Come on mate what he did was imbecilic and got the ban would have been the same for anyone else. We all love our club Frank but it seems that you are blind to anything that negative doesn’t seem to mater if it’s right or wrong. You need to be more objective Frank we don’t get every thing right and Rooney certainly didn’t on this occasion he was a disgrace! That grubby little chav yet again has embraced the club, sell him to Chelsea for £60m then they can have another embarrassing player to go with Torres and Drogba et. al.

    None of the FA’s rules are ever used consistently if you can show me one that is I’ll show you a Dodo, I’m sure you know this but it was so clear cut there was NO defence of him. What could the lawyers say to defend him? Nothing that’s what! It’s clear as day Frank. The rule was so clearly broke it was smashed into little pieces, if this Isn’t braking the rule Frank what does a player have to do to get sent of via rule 6? Drag the ref to the camera screaming you txxt at him all the way? If he was even near not being totally blatant I’d try to defend him myself, this is so typical of his on and of the field behaviour. You do know the difference between being abusive and simply swearing I’m sure i.e. player shouts fxxking yes or fxxking bollxxks at the floor, these are not directed at any one (so it’s not abusive) but the minute you add ‘what?’ and scream it straight at millions of viewers purposefully around the World you are directing it and therefore being abusive, because you are asking a question and even if you don’t think that to be right surly you cannot think you could get away with it when you do it right in front of the only thing that could give 100% evidence against you, the camera!! It’s not going round in circles Frank it’s you being so bias towards Rooney your blinded. From his prostitutes, granny loving, Transfer requesting, Utd not good enough to his high standards statements, disgraceful behaviour at the World Cup (he swore on cam there to but didn’t direct it and the game had ended) and now this! He is not bigger than the club and I say cash in now and buy another 5 players like Hernandez and 4 like Smalling with the money!

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