3 thoughts on “FLASHBACK 1999: When Toon was a Treble victim

  1. Its going to be close at St James, no doubt about it.The omens with reference to the Article are good.I would respectfully remind United supporters in the season in question 1999,United as we know won the Premiership bye 1 point and a goal differnce of 1.Thats the margins and how tight its going to be.
    Slightly of topic, but I want to make the point anyway, being a fiesty wee(6’5″ tall)Scottish bastard.Keep up the great work Truly Reds.I fucking hate the “Internet police”
    Cmon United.Lets be having you.

  2. Red Scot a 6’5? tall Scottish lad?! And here I was assuming that he was the same size as Celtic’s late Jimmy Johnstone,

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