6 thoughts on “Berbatoff in summer…and other transfer gossip

  1. If Berbatov leaves I don’t think it will be a concern if he goes to another English club. The biggest concern will be to get as much money as possible for him which won’t be anywhere near his transfer fee but could reach 7 or 8 million. I’d expect him to move abroad rather than staying in the EPL maybe Italy or Germany. The fact remains though that while still a United player we need him to be doing his best with such important games coming up. Once the dust settles and there are hopefully a couple of trophies we can talk about the comings and goings but until then we need to be focussed.

  2. Why are people (United fans) so intent on seeing him leave, he’s ours and the leagues top scorer, without him we wouldn’t be in this title race, think about it when Rooney was misfiring and demanding money and better team mates who was banging them in for us.

    United fans are so fickle.

  3. @Sapper – Look at the breakdown of the goals he’s scored and only a few are winners – he’s missed a lot of important chances (who hasn’t I’ll admit) and his general demeanour doesn’t inspire confidence. For the money that was paid I don’t think the return has been good enough from the start.

  4. what is wrong with you guys berbatov will be a waste if he goes for 7 mil when we got him for 31mil and he is top scorer. it wont really hurt to keep him as a back up since danny welbeck and macheda arent good enough neither is diouf. and owen and oberton underachieving so basically in reality its only rooney and hernandez

  5. After what Sir Alex did I would be surprised if he doesn`t leave. Come on, we all know that Berba should have been in the group. Not Owen. How many goals did Owen score this season-1. Berba-20

  6. @ anthony – Here’s a simplistic thought from an admittedly huge Berba fan. The problem of finding a creative midfielder for United can easily be solved by shifting Berbatov into the middle of the park! Why? Because he has the brains and class to set up Rooney and Hernandez for the openings they need. Does he lack the defensive qualities required? In a good team, there must surely be others who can cover any of those perceived deficiencies. Losing a talent like Berba from Old Trafford is simply unforgivable. Let’s all hope that Sir Alex thinks better of it despite his gross insult to Berbatov on Saturday – and this is from someone who happens to think that Sir Alex is as close to a God that anyone can be.

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