5 thoughts on “Third Final in four years now in sight for United

  1. A bit drunk and a very much chuffed Scots lad.It was a great night against what I thought was a poor Schalke 04 side(10th in the Bundesliga I believe)How far have Inter Milan fallen in such a short time, from being Champions league winners, to being minced bye that German outfit.The power of a great manager like we have at United.
    I have to laugh sometimes, I was on a United forum just the other day trying to back up the author of the article, regards Micheal Carrick, he was superb in the Chelsea quarters games and ran the games from deep.He has had some serious ‘ballsups’ in his time, but pure class he is, no doubt.He showed it truly again tonight, although not really pressurised, and given time to spray passes around the park.Instrumental in winning United the game(94 passes,87% accuracy,running 11.41km, the most of any United player. Although all the lads in a United shirt served the fans with a brilliant together ness of a performance,speed of passing and precision- majestic.
    I must as I think all football fans would give credit to Manuel Neuer, the nullifier, who kept us at bay for a mighty long time or it would have been a cricket score.Great to see Sir Alex acknowledge Neuer at the end and special praise to the goalkeeper in his after match comments.Another nice touch for me as a young United fan was to see Raul asking our own Ryan Giggs to exchange shirts,class the both of these highly professional players.
    I also want a wee dig, at fans that keep banging on about Wesley Sneijder at United, please watch the role Rooney is playing, magnifcently in the Sneijderesque role.We dont need Sneijder.
    We need a together ness.
    The other bugger in all this “Champions league” final in late May, the price of tickets for poor souls to actually dream of buying one, its a con.Anyways chuffed to bits and we move on to our next challenge, Arsenal, next Sunday
    I move off to the Pub, to sink a few pints.

  2. This was our best away performance this season…in terms of domination and everything…everyone played their part at the Veltins Arena…carrick once again amazed me…at times we couldn’t stop praising him….but everyone else we talk about were great…the back 4 and vds were never tested…we controlled the ball well in the mid…valencia’s return is one of the best things that could have happened to man utd….giggs was evergreen…he’s always brilliant…park too did his job…chicha should have scored…while rooney and his gameplay(including his tremendous long balls) troubled the germans to the core…we completely dominated the game….in words of metzelder…

    ““Against Inter everything we tried worked. Against United we couldn’t even try anything.””

    i was expecting a tough competition from Schalke…before this they had beaten every team in the champions league this season at home…but they were utter poor…the lacked the confidence…were outplayed…and we made them looked lame!!!

    As for Manuel neuer…United should break the bank to sign him…he was cracking…he was brilliant…the only Schalke player who did his job well…he’s an idle replacement of vds and even if united doesn’t sign him(i hope they alteast bid for him) even then he’ll become the best…a natural talent…brilliant!

  3. Van der Sar – safe pair of hands all – held on well to the few shots that were taken
    Evra – solid – helped push S04 back with his runs forward
    Fabio – Some good runs forward and did his defensive work well- silly yellow card though
    Vidic – Dealt well with the few threats that came his way
    Ferdinand – Like Vidic he did what he had to
    Park – his importance was underlined by his substitution – Ferguson wants him fresh for the run in.
    Valencia – Like a new signing after so many months away – had the beating of the full-back all night
    Giggs – What can you say that hasn’t been said over the last 20 years. Bit of shooting practice with his right maybe?
    Carrick – One of his best games in a United shirt – didn’t put a foot wrong – just kept it simple. He needs to do it more often
    Rooney – another excellent performace – his game is changing and he loves dropping deep and spraying it about which is giving us a new dimension
    Hernandez – tireless unfortunate not to score – a real handful – determined – skilful – a certain DB could take a bunch of leaves out of his book.
    Scholes – had it easy when he came on but kept things settled by getting on the ball and keeping posession well
    Nani – Lively when he came on and tormented a tired defence – could have scored
    Anderson – like scholes he didn’t try to fix what wasn’t broken

    Ferguson – it goes to show that picking the same team brings its rewards – there was a great understanding from start to finish – it’s probably the best 11 we have and good to see the cohesion.

    Special mention for neuer who reminded me on Schmeichel on more than one occasion.Easy to see why he’s drawing interest – if the deal is not done with Bayern you’d wouldn’t mind him between the sticks based on that performance.

  4. Ronney is amazing. It took a little bit for the goals to come in this game, but once they did, it was all over.

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