46 thoughts on “Berbatov or Tevez? Give me Berba anytime

  1. hahahahahahahaha only a red ay! berbatov has scored half his goals in three games, hardly any importance to his tally, Hernandez kills Berbatov and he’s not even in the same class as Tevez, seriously do yourself a favour and stop posting utter nonesence!

  2. Stats can be presented to show anything you want them too, with 3 hat Tricks almost half Berbatovs goals came in only 3 games with the other half coming in 28 games (including sub appearances). Tevez scored his goals in 3 games less again including sub appearances and with only 1 hat trick you could argue he is a lot more consistant in his scoring whilst Berbatov has a few hot periods and plenty of unproductive periods.

  3. As a neutral and big admirer of both i think you have to look at it from a view of whos worth more to the team,goals are great but unfortunately its far more than that,and berbatov offers nothing else,Tevez wins by a country mile hes different class.

  4. So how many of the games has Berbatov scored in? He scores in bursts,much rather have someone who consistently scores like Tevez.

  5. I LoL’d hard at this crap. Another Dickhead, another shit attempt at goading Man City fans. FFS give it a rest chump and find another topic to whine about.

    How about a piece on how you are going to get yourselves out of the sea of debt your club is drowning in.

    There is one massive difference in these two players. Its called passion. Tevez has it. Berbatwat dos’nt.


  6. Let’s see who commands the biggest transfer fee to leave their club this summer, if indeed either player is sold on.

    My money is on Tevez to fetch around £55 million, compared to Berbatov’s fee of £15 million tops.

    Idle speculation does pass the time quite well.

  7. Goals per game ratio, i think for me Tevez blitz BERBAFLOP.

    1 good season hmmmmmmmmm W.A.K.E U.P

  8. Tosh.

    Want reasons?

    See any of the other comments.

    Stop obsessing with City will you!

  9. was going to post a long and reasoned argument for tevez, but I see most posters on here already did the business. especially grim oop north. I suspect, Frank, you are a know nowt septic redsox fan. You say ‘Give me Berba anytime’ I suspect EVERY man city fan would say ‘ok, take him’ I’ve never heard one city fan bemoan the fact that you got b’flop and we got tev. enjoy the rest of your life and keep smiling to the bitter end.

  10. – Berbatov and tevez have both scored in 11 different games
    – Berbatov is the striker in PL who has scored most winning goals for his side

    so dont say that berbatov is inconsistent, it is true that tevez runs at the ball more then berbatov, a thing to have as a striker.

    Berbatov is a better link up player then tevez is, period.

    Tevez moans about this and that while berbatov has not said anything negative for being on the bench in resent months, a true professionel vs a true cunt, sorry for the language 🙂

    At the end of the day both players are great for their clubs, but I would choose berbatov over tevez any day.

    p.s I am not a man utd fan

  11. yet again man u fans cannot get over tevez or our other great players who they always try to put down do us a favour matey concentrate on being a red and we will worry about the blue side ok jealousy makes you reds aggrivate too much. ALL MAN U FANS CANT STOP TALKIN ABOUT US WHY’S THAT BECAUSE THERE EITHER JEALOUS OR SCARED simple….

  12. and aidaa do you want to no why berba stays quiet mate because he is SHITE where as tevez is class so yeah of course he will get pissed off when he comes off where as berba thinks BUZZIN i played a bit of a game berba owen obertan macheda smalling MASSIVE CLUB MATE dickface.

  13. Funny how you failed to mention important facts like GOALS:

    Berbatov: 47 goals in 127 games for United

    Tevez: 52 goals in 81 games for City

    Keep it coming lads, it reminds us of how we used to be….

    City are back City are back HELLO HELLO!

  14. Fuck me!, who writes this tripe!
    No brainer, Tevez- hands down is far batter than Berba.

  15. Who ever wrote this shit needs to get a fuckin grip! And also why the fuck do you’s feel the need to compare one of you’re strikers with ours? Another fuckin united fan obsessed by city. Fuck off mate, you’re a cunt ( probably from Milton Keynes or summat). concentrate on your own team you sad cockney red cunt!

  16. I love Manu Berbatuv is best player by far, watch on tv and clear for all to watch also.
    Go Berbatuv!

  17. Simple question ManchesterCityfan. Look at this seasons stats then please explain WHY? And Mike – Goals have been analysed for THIS season not what happened in the past.

    As for the other comments, check how many minutes it has taken both players to get their 20 goals. You’ll find that there’s hardly any difference – even WITHOUT the penalty kicks that Tevez was gifted. Please understand that FACTS are never biased!

  18. Love your articulate vocabulary G-unit – NOT! You seem to be forgetting that one of our strikers and one of ‘you’re’ ones are neck and neck for the top goal scorers award! Good luck to both!

    Rest assured that City is the least of my obsessions because there are far, FAR bigger fish to fry than a club that has just managed to win a trophy for the first time in 35 years. As for Milton Keynes and being a sad cockney, you have absolutely no idea how far off the mark you are – thousands of miles OFF THE MARK

  19. Frank,

    I’m a regular trawler of NewsNow reading stories about my club Manchester City, and I’m amazed how many times your name crops up associated with writing sycophantic drivel about your beloved Rags. I seem to remember you’re in the USA somewhere – I won’t even ask why you’re a rag supporter – but listen pal, stop embarrassing yourself and give up the wannabe journalist bit. Try getting the crayons out and drawing instead – after all, they say a picture paints a thousand words. You could draw a picture of fat Eamonn Holmes buying a United Burger at Lou Macari’s Greasy spoon using a fake £10 provided courtesy of Mickey Thomas.

  20. @Tim The Incredible Slug, you have no idea how far off the mark you are! I’m in the USA? God forbid! Not even close, which therefore makes the rest of your attempted insults completely null and void. Try again PAL!

  21. Do your family a favour and get writing your will and testament, im sure they will get more enjoyment out of that then this load of bias bile.

    Obviously news is short or too boring over at the swamp for you to resort to a pathetic article like this, to even think I clicked on it is laughable but then again I also thought it maybe a reason to broadside an old United goat.

  22. Youre an utter disgrace to pre 1980 fans like my late father, obviously getting old now so jumping on the plastic bandwagon to get your last kicks before you croke it

  23. Frank’s an Aussie everyone, he’s not from the North Pole, or Scotland like that other webauthor Redscott of Republik of Mankunia.

    Also, Frank is a pensioner, and Redscott is a teenager, so don’t be rude to him.

  24. yawn reading all you bitter blue fags going on about tevez, he’s a money grabbing whore just like all your team is FACT. berbatov is 10 times the player tevez ever was or ever will be. You bunch of cunts have won one trophy in 35yrs and your going on like your united get real jesus christ.

  25. “citycansuckmyballs Says:
    May 19th, 2011 at 8:37 AM

    yawn reading all you bitter blue fags going on about tevez, he’s a money grabbing whore just like all your team is FACT. berbatov is 10 times the player tevez ever was or ever will be. You bunch of cunts have won one trophy in 35yrs and your going on like your united get real jesus christ.”

    You’re American aren’t you? (no United fan would call a City fan a “fag”, Jesus Christ).

    Welcome to Manchester tourist.

  26. but I thought Tevez wasn`t supposed to get 10 goals this season, and that he`d never win a trophy with City. And that Michael Owen will score more goals than Tevez.
    Smell the fear………

  27. @It’s Grim Oop North – Your earlier point about transfer fees is a fair one but don’t forget that Tevez is three years younger which makes a difference in valuations. By the way, RedScot is a young Scottish fellow and not the same guy as Scott The Red from The Republik of Mancunia. Thanks for clearing up the fact that I’m from Downunder not the USA and yes mate, I’m a retired pensioner and loving every minute of it. You and I have probably watched more football over the years than all these other guys put together.

  28. @its grim oop north, First of all FAG im from stockport right in the middle of blueshite land i dont live anywhere near america u tool. are you from manc eh? prob not. why would no red call city fans fags? i kno loads of blue scum fans and there all fags like you.

  29. Thanks for clearing up the differences in Red Scottish people for me Frank, it does get confusing!

    As you are clearly the King of Windups, United should have employed you to unwind the clock banner back to zero this week!

  30. zbluecansuckmyballs,

    The banner will be at zero for at least a year, won’t it? (Except it won’t, ‘cos it’s been taken down).

    You talk like an American, not a Manc, so that makes you a teenager in my reckoning, so of course I’m going to dismiss anything you write as the ramblings of a hormonally challenged, spotty gorp.

    Also, why do you not support your local team, Stockport County? Is it because you are a glory hunting plastic? (Cue rants from Reds claiming MCFC are in Stokkie – bet you’re confused now eh?)

    I would respect your views if you didn’t support a team who conveniently have been winning trophies most seasons for your entire lifetime.

    I’m Manchester born and bred, 44 years a Blue, through thick and thin.

    Have you got any mates or family who support City? Do you call them Cunts, whores, fags and numpties to their faces as well?

    Grow up.

  31. listen knobhead, im 35 and a born n bred red as are all of my family and ive had a season ticket for almost 20yrs, i wasnt born in stockport i was born in hulme which is in manchester if u take a look at a map. mcfc arnt in stockport either just most of there deluded fans like yourself. ps how the fuck can u support that shite for 44yrs and not have topped yourself by now? thick n thin my arse thick maybe. hows that for a spotty gorps ramblings? and yes i do call blues fags ect to there faces cos none of em are my friends plus there all blue shitebags that cant do fuckall about it

  32. maybe all you shitty fans on here should get jobs instead of spouting ur bullshit ps ive got a broken leg at mo not jobless

  33. zbluecansuckmyballs,

    seriously, you’re 35 years old?

    Hope your leg mends soon so you can get back to work.

  34. If thats the best you’ve got i’l leave you to it. Il try find a utd fans blog that isnt full of utd obsessed shitty fans.

  35. I’m not sure what just happened there!

    To be fair, Frank did “Tag” Manchester City on his article, therefore inviting City fans to comment regarding who is best, Tevez or Berbatov.

    So you can’t be surprised when City fans do just that.

    I think Frank and his fellow contributors are as one-sided and biased as any United blog I have come across, so they shouldn’t feel bad about zbluecansuckmyballs’ leaving the debate (and isn’t it ironic his username contains the word “blue” in it?).

    Best of luck against Barca you reds, you’re going to need the mighty Berba firing on all cylinders to get a result.

  36. Concentrate on supporting United, when I watch Stretford on TV all I hear is anti City songs when I read your pathetic article its all anti City. You reds have had it your own way for too long, that all changed on 14th May. So you had better get used to it because the blue moon is rising, and the noisy neighbours are hear to stay.

    I look forward to seeing your new anti City banner revealed at the weekend (as it surely will), but dont forget how stupid you will all be feeling because the rags will be taking that one down sooner rather than later as well!

  37. Oh FFS, here we go with all the “obsessed” and “scared” bollocks again. Seems that you can’t talk about another football team without someone shouting “OBSESSED!”, “PARANOID!” etc.

    [United fan and City fan sat in the pub]

    “You know what mate, I was watching the City game the other night and…”

    “You what?! You obsessed Rag! OBSESSED!!” *froths at mouth*

    Give it a break will ya? After all, you’re the ones commenting on a United fansite with comments full of hatred and venom.

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  39. one who knows wat happened they knows .down the line tevez made it…………………..

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