89 thoughts on “If City fans don’t like it – Tough, SHIT HAPPENS

  1. Manu92,

    by calling Ryan giggs a hairy bugger, and suggesting he is a werewolf, I’m having a laugh with you!

    Or am I?

    Is it any coincidence that Carlos Tevz has a badly scarred neck?

    Did Giggsy go on a moonlit rampage and rip Carlitos’ handsome features in a vicious, bloodthirsty rage?

    Is it any wonder Carlos wanted to leave United, for fear of a repeat performance, maybe fatal this time? Indeed, maybe he’s so scared of the Welsh Wing Wizard’s nocturnal lustings, he wants to flee the country?

    Living in the same City as a Vampire can’t be easy for a young Argentinian either.

    The rankings are done over the last month. Take Robin Van Persie. 5th now, 98th last month.
    Pato of Milan – not a bad player eh? 117th this month – but wait for it….567th last month. Ridiculous. There are none so blind as those that cannot see, eh Frank? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Oh God – my ribs hurt – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Now stop embarassing yourself.

  3. Frank.

    I want you to honestly tell me that you believe that the Castrol rating systems are not flawed. Please, because this way we know whether you are suggesting that Berbatov is better and contributes more than Xavi to their respective teams. Not even mentioning player consistency. If you do it will make this debate more easy to grasp.

    Secondly, the very fact that you have written this piece means that you want to stoop to the level of those who you are deriding. People will disagree with your articles, in this case (Tevez v Berba) pretty much everyone will, but you shouldn’t proceed to attack the fans who have disagreed but ignore them! Otherwise you aren’t the non-City-obsessed United fan you make yourself out to be.

  4. Well if the rankings are to be believed then Van Persie is the best player in England and Malouda is better than Rooney, Tevez etc, also Benzema is better than Ronaldo ……… hmmmmmm they clearly know their football eh

  5. The pop singer Steven Patrick Morrissey’s dad had trials for Man United. He is very much in the news today because of his open letter criticising the Queens visit to Ireland.
    He made a song about the 1958 Munich Air disaster and used to live not far from Old Trafford. It is often debated if he supports Man United or not today.
    Grim, or Garry, moved to Edinburgh because he met Lynne through the Morrissey fan wesbite “Morrissey Solo”. Grim is a massive City fan and hates United more than anything.

  6. When will we start collecting for the “city have not won the league”-ticker replacing the ticker about how long City last won a trophy?
    43 Years and counting!

  7. Sorry Oh Aye, I am not that man!

    My big brother used to get on the same bus home from school as Jonny Marr (of the Smiths), thats about as much of a link as I’ve got to Morrissey I’m afraid – that and a couple of “Best Of” cds.

    Do not get me wrong, I would love United to do a “City”, or better still, a “Leeds”, and implode with a spell in the lower divisions. It would certainly sort out the supporters who really love the club from the fairweather plastics.

    Relegation is character building, and we City fans are very characterful indeed.

    On the other side of the coin, many United fans my age and older have been through some torrid times, Munich being the obvious, awful one, but spells in lower divisions were taken on the chin too. Younger supporters take note of this fact when hurling insults around, you haven’t earned the right to have a go at others till you’ve experienced relegation or similar.

    Denis Law didn’t celebrate his back heel – true legend for both Manchester clubs.

  8. @Woodsy=u are an ass…just like other city fans. You are a kind of fan who doesn;t believe in facts and stats so unfortunately u are a jerk. You are a kind of a person who loves bullying around but doesn’t know anything about the game. I don’t think that till now you have written anything logical about the game, so far you are spilling the tosh….and well now i understand….you must have started watching football from last year only when you saw that there is a team called manchester city which has a lot of money and is linked with players like xavi, ronaldo, torres, messi etc…u must have got excited and started supporting city..now i got it…you are a winner supporter…and i won’t be surprised if i come to know that u actually started supporting city after they won the FA cup…
    and by the way…when u said that i’m the one which is giving my club a bad name, then let me tell you something…till now you haven’t defended you club but is trying to offend me…because you don’t have anything to say to support your club..you are speechless so you though that maybe i’ll bully some united fan out here and will show my greatness cos i’m out of words…and i swear to GOD…you just proved yourself an asshole!

    as for the Debate..we’ll see it next season…whose better!…Good luck to everyone…and to everyteam!

  9. Manu92, United fan from timbuktu, Talks a load if sht in very piss poor english too.

    I stand by my definition of a United fan, for the record since 1980 United have spent over £500 million thus buying the league just like everyone else accept for Liverpool.

    Which makes you ignoarnt and arrogant, moronic & loadmouthed according to your above rants which confirms my definition, you are a United fan are you not?

  10. ManU92,

    You Sir are Comedy Genius, I take my hat off to you.

    We can’t compete with you,

    You Win.

  11. Frank, nothing too outrageous in your initial article and I don’t see why you’ve had all the nasty responses. It’s a fair comparison of two players, at the top of the scoring charts, in the same city, at rival clubs…Fair enough.
    I think you’re wrong though, and here’s why:
    21 goals each in roughly the same number of games – a draw.
    Consistency of scoring – 1-0 to Tevez as his record is closer to goals in every game, whereas Berba’s goals have come largely in 3 games…at which point you could say Berba provides more for the team…but he doesn’t..,
    Assists – 2-0 – Tevez has 6 to Berbas? He isn’t even on the board.
    Defensive duties – 3-0 to Tevez – Does Berba track back and win the ball?

    Tevez is arguably the best striker in the league, his only issue is his relationship with his seperated wife and their children. I just can’t see anyone picking Berba over him.

    Regards, Mike.

  12. “Are some fans unreasonably sensitive about their own clubs?”

    Judging by some of the responses here, clearly the answer to that question is ‘yes’! Am I, a City fan of some 35 years, included in that category? Probably not.

    As many of the regular readers of this blog will point out, there’s been precious little for City fans to get excited about in that time, although the relegation/promotion rollercoasters have been something of a white-knuckle ride (to continue the analogy). As has already been said, supporting City is a character-building activity rather than one attracting any significant measure of glory. With all of that comes a thick skin.

    Personally, I’m at a loss as to why any City fan would be offended by this article or the previous one. It’s just another article on another United blog, and nothing to do with us. I’m more interested in my own club, thanks. We’ve just won the FA Cup and qualified for the Champions’ League and – like most Blues – I am throughly enjoying our new-found success. Indeed, it’s interesting that our cup win seems to have spoiled United’s record title win for some reds. Probably the same ones who are getting all excited about what their next banner is going to say?

    One final note: if I care so little then why am I here? Simple, the author tagged the article so that it would appears in City’s News Now page. On that basis I assume he meant to solicit opinions from City fans. So here’s mine.

    Enjoy next season, I’m sure I will 🙂

  13. Manu92 – I can only assume you are an American Man Utd supporter due to your application of such terms as ‘jerk’ and ‘asshole’? And I assume the 92 addition to your moniker is not your age, but rather when you began watching the newly concocted Premier League on your ‘TV’ (from such colonial outpost as Wyoming) obviously not realising the previous 150 years of football history your name suggests doesn’t exist. Good day sir 😉

  14. @Mancunian Mike=92 refers to my birth date…another city fan with non-football related argument!!! 😉
    @It’s Grim Oop North Says=HA…there’s no way you can compete with me…and similarly your club cannot compete with ours!
    @CiTyBlUe=u so according to we bought the league?,…oh my…i feel bad for you..so now instead of talking logical things and instead of proving your club better you are pouring down your fantasies in form of words…as usual…United haters accusing United…it happens…like frank said…SHIT HAPPENS!

  15. Fair argument Mancunian Mike, we may simply have to agree to disagree! Yours is a well thought out, reasoned comment unlike the many juvenile ones sent in by BOTH sides. Well done mate.

  16. Now you’re just rubbing in your superior mental abilities ManU92.

    You must have been a child prodigy, fancy that, a ninteen year old putting us poor numpties to the Cybersword.

    Have mercy on us O Mighty One.

    Plus I’m sorry I called Ryan Giggs a werewolf.

  17. ManU92,

    as you know, I can’t beat you with mere words, so I surrendered.

    However, CityBlue “served” you with these badass lyrics –

    “Manu92, United fan from timbuktu, Talks a load if sht in very piss poor english too”.

    You now need to respond in a similar fashion, in order to defeat him.

    Something like –

    “CityBlue, full of poo, I am definitely not scared by you”.

    He has challenged you, and if you ignore this, he will “own” you, and everyone will think you are a Pussy.

    I look forward to your overwhelming response.

  18. I’m 19…so what…i’ve been watching football since i was 8…is it my fault that i’m 19?
    I’m not happy with this entire debate…i saw CityBlue comments and i got infuriated…abusing a club and it’s players is easy…but praising your rivals is the toughest thing to do…when we lost to liverpool i appreciated liverpool…when we lost to city in the FA cup final i accepted my defeat…but then when i see people speaking shit about my club i get angry…it’s human nature…and well i accept that at time even i get a bit hot headed!;-)
    but then i’ve seen better Liverpool fans and better city fans…

    On a bright know…i wants to end all this…i’m not sorry for anything but then if anyone is offended that i apologize…i’m pretty sick of this entire thing…

  19. Aw, I was looking forward to some lyrical warfare!

    fair play lad, it’s just a bit of fun,

    night night.

  20. Manu92 = THICK AS PIG SHIT!

    How many united games have you been to exactly pal? Because you are making out you are the oracles on the club when you clearly know very little.

  21. This comment was initially thrashed BUT then thought better of it in order to show up this poor illiterate. It just goes to illustrate the sort of fans that football clubs can do without. cpt ice patch could not even bring himself to show his true identity using a false email address of franks.mum@hotmail.co.uk. He may not even realise that one of City’s legends was lost in the plane crash he refers to.

  22. And yet they’ll deride us for “clinging” to it, “milking” it and never letting it go. But wait? Who’s that who brought it up? Ah yes, a City fan.

  23. Frank,

    do us all a favour and refuse to give unacceptable posts a platform – there’s always someone who goes too far from all clubs – show them there’s no point in their drivel by not giving their views an airing.

    We’ve had a fair old go at each other today, mostly in fun, then this twat spoils it.

    The quote of the day should not be forgotten because of one knobhead.

    “now i’m laughing my ass out”

    ManU 92, thanks for that, I weed myself a bit laughing.

  24. “Tough shit happens! Just like plane crashes eh.”

    On behalf of City (and Utd) fans everywhere I’d just like to say – FUCK OFF, RETARD.

  25. Fair point Grim. That’s why cpt ice patch’s comment was immediately thrashed but then had second thoughts. Responses like his – and admittedly, similar ones from some deluded United fans who chant about Hillsborough and Heysel, should be shown so that REAL football fans can see what the game is up against. So called fans like these are neither needed nor wanted by anyone.

    @Stuey, well said mate, wish there were more sane football fans like you.

  26. I see that Garry (Grim the Morrissey fan) tried hard to cover himself up here but I know it is you because we have been chatting a lot in the past. You always were obsessed with United and is now gutted that once City won something United of course had to win something bigger and the FA Cup final was played at an earlier date instead of the big finale a week after league has finished.
    So typical City to have something disturbing their big day and it is not the first time United did that to ya.
    I won’t give your full identity away but you know full well that I can if I want to but I like Lynne and the two boys do not deserve to have their “dad” ending up in trouble.

  27. Oh Aye,

    seriously, I am not Garry!!!!

    He sounds like a fine fellow, and obviously he’s as big a City fan as me, as I agree with all the points you made – there’s probably thousands of City fans who have the same age, views and background as we obviously do.

    I do wish the FA cup could have been played on a free Saturday, and that United hadn’t stolen a teeny, weeny bit of our day.

    My missus, whose name is spookily close to your mate Garry’s wife (but I assure you not the same), is a United fan, had a Big Sulk when I made her record the Blackburn game, (it’s been thirty fucking years since we were last in a Cup final, I put my foot down!) whilst I watched the final on ITV on the Big Telly from one o’clock – so my day was mostly spent concentrating on City, not United.

    The premier league had been in the bag for United for weeks really, so there was no surprises in store, whereas City could have easily blown the final, which made for a great day for me and fellow Blues.

    As a Mancunian, you can’t talk about football without some mention of City and United, so at least we all had something to be pleased about this season.

    “now I’m laughing my ass out”, again:)

  28. Oh Aye,

    I just re-read one of your first posts –

    “oh aye Says:
    May 20th, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    The pop singer Steven Patrick Morrissey’s dad had trials for Man United. He is very much in the news today because of his open letter criticising the Queens visit to Ireland.
    He made a song about the 1958 Munich Air disaster and used to live not far from Old Trafford. It is often debated if he supports Man United or not today.
    Grim, or Garry, moved to Edinburgh because he met Lynne through the Morrissey fan wesbite “Morrissey Solo”. Grim is a massive City fan and hates United more than anything.”

    What sort of song about the Munich disaster is it you’re on about? And who wrote it?
    Was it Morrissey, or this Garry you keep saying is me?
    It’s just occurred to me it might be the sort of Munich song which genuinely makes my stomach turn, rather than something the Smith’s might have written as a tribute to the disaster.

    Is this why “outing” this Garry would bring shame to his family?

    If he did indeed make up a mocking song, I hope he regrets it now, it is a shameful thing.

    I hope by now my posts show I’m not a hater, and that I have no time for banter that can lead to violence.

    And I’m still not Garry from Edinburgh.

  29. Just found this on Wikipedia –

    “Manchester-born singer Morrissey also released a song called “Munich Air Disaster, 1958” as a B-side to “Irish Blood, English Heart” in 2004.[74] It later appeared on his live album, Live at Earls Court, in 2005.[75]”

    I don’t recall ever hearing this song, but I assume it was a tribute song, not the taunting kind.

    I was a punk rocker in my youth, the Smiths were a bit soppy for me, but as I’ve mellowed out, I do like the “Best of ” cd’s, “How soon is now” is my favourite Smith’s song, but give me the ‘Pistols, Clash, Damned, SLF etc..anytime.

    Hope that’s cleared that up, and we can get back to the football.

  30. This what Oh Aye is getting his knickers in a knot over:

    “We love them
    We mourn for them
    Unlucky boys of Red

    I wish I’d gone down
    Gone down with them
    To where Mother Nature makes their bed

    We miss them
    Every night we kiss them
    Their faces fixed in our heads

    I wish I’d gone down
    Gone down with them
    To where Mother Nature makes their bed

    They can’t hurt you
    Their style will never desert you
    Because they’re all safely dead

    I wish I’d gone down
    Gone down with them”

    Morrissey wrote the words, not some bloke called Garry. Hardly the sort of thing ‘cpt ice patch’ and his brain-dead ilk would be singing, is it?

  31. BTW the reason you’ve never heard this song is because it is, like the majority of Morrissey’s solo work, crap. Stick to your copy of Best of The Smiths 😀

  32. @piechipsandpeas, I don’t really care who wrote these words mate because whoever it was, they’re extremely touching.

  33. If anyone needs info on pop singer Morrissey then just ask Pete Boyle who has always been a msssive fan.
    Morrissey turned 52 today on the 22nd of May and must have been delighted to see our lads lift the trophy for a record 19th time.
    Last time United winning something major on his birthday was back in 2004 when we won the FA Cup final on the 22nd of May and that night Morrissey played before a sold out Manchester Evening News Arena. Buy the DVD from the gig if you’re interested.

  34. “Buy the DVD from the gig if you’re interested.”

    I’d rather watch a TV tuned to a non-transmitting channel, thanks. You might have won the title 19 times but at least our musician fans are better than yours 🙂

  35. And what musicians might that be?
    Not bloody likely to have influenced the majority of bands and artists of today like Morrissey did. He is mentioned by most people in the business as a huge influence and bands and artists that love United made the UK dominate the music scene for many years.
    It is ok not to know things about music but to comment on it like you did just know without knowing the facts is just ignorance and stupidity.
    Oasis were and always will be a bad modern copy of The Beatles and they were a shite overrated band without talent.
    I will spank your bottom with a wet plimsoll!

  36. Berbatov better than Tevez? Jesus, I knew you mancs were insular, biased, clueless prawn sarnie eaters but I didnt think you were just downright plain stupid and ignorant as well. HAHA! Funniest article I have read in a long time! Cheers! Berbatov better than Tevez, got to tell this one to the lads hahahaha

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