10 thoughts on “Jones to United – and that may be it for Sir Alex

  1. if he doesn’t get a quality midfielder we know he has not learnt a thing from the drubbings from barca. With Scholes gone, the gap has to be filled.

  2. Everyone keeps saying united are the biggest club in the world, but the best players go else where. i aint seen no ronaldiniho or messi or sanchez or sneider or zidan ever at old traford. no we have oshea, gibson, bebe, obertan, brown, park, giggs, nani, …see thats why barca completly embarassed us. but im sure jones and young will fix it hay? xavi, iniesta and messi hahahhahahaha no. no, young, valenci and ……jesus its so boring i cant even finish what i want to say……SIGN SANCHEZ….SIGN WESLEY,…..SIGN RODWELL….HELLO?…..oh wait for the biggest club in the world there is no value in the market…so we sign bebe for 7.5mil..hahhahahah ….jesus!

  3. Do you know what you’re rambling on about time? Four Championships in the last five seasons, three Champions League Finals in the last four and you’re still complaining. How many other clubs would have given their right arm for that record? OK, Barcelona cannot currently be touched, maybe even Real is out of reach – and that’s only a maybe, but who else in Europe can compare to what Ferguson has built at United? If that is not deemed to be good enough for you there may be other clubs which can satisfy your hunger to be the absolute best at all times.

  4. hello? did you see the barcelona game…hello………hello…….did you see it…hello……….do you really think you will beat real madrid…really…your fucking clueless mate…you couldnt even beat wolves . actually your absolutley right. beating blackpool, birmingham, wigen, west brom makes you the best team in the world….yeah? yeah? did you see the barca game…did you….? hello………!

  5. @ time, this is becoming boring and predictable mate. Note the number of times that ‘YOU’ have been mentioned in your comment – ‘do you really think you will beat real madrid?’…’you couldnt even beat wolves’.

    Think about it pal, did anyone ever claim that United were the best team in the world, or even in Europe? BUT unlike the club you support, it is without doubt the best in the Premier League. The table proves it. Is that not good enough for you to accept?

  6. There will be a midfield marquee signing im sure of it . Truth is we never replaced Roy Keane and Fergie well knows that .We need the genral there to boss the game . A few of our players need to feel the wrath of some one like Keano

  7. Having read through the ‘exam’ paper twice, as you are told to do bye the invidulator(thingie me jig person) that keeps everybody from not cheating and sharing the answers.
    The question “do we trust the judgement of Sir Alex”.?
    Hell no, why would you, his track record is rubbish.He is just in the fricken door two minutes, know’s Ef all about the Premiership and Europe, took over the club when it was at its peak of its powers.Has had an absolute bucket load of cash to spend in the last five years.Pissed much of it up against the wall, like Javier Hernandez and Chris Smalling to name two, effing waste of money that.Ffs he could have signed Edin Dzeko or Andy Carrol, or gone for gold and signed KaKa or Nando Torres, or really hit the high spots with a freebie like Joe Cole.The man is on borrowed time I tell you, get rid of the old Jock.Total waste of space.I think we should look at Steve Bruce or Mark Hughes the new bright things in football management, dont you?Their achievments to date outstrip the Taggart/Whisky face.
    He spends way too much time effing around with ‘jigsaws’ and putting final touches to the plan(rather than spending friken multitudes)and of course on the swallie in southern France gulping the finest Red plonk to be had.Piss head.Electocute him or at least a gentle whipping.

  8. You may be on the right track Red Scot. Why not sack the old Ferguson fart and bring in the fat Spanish waiter? Rafa is desperate for a job in the Premier League!

  9. @The Boss you know i had not considered that angle.Its a good call, worth pondering over for a ‘few minutes’
    I heard Rafa is Villa park bound, lucky Villa I say.
    Hows about Sven Goran Erickson, he is free, so is the ‘burds’ in tow.
    Sorted kill two burds with one stone! lol

  10. Going back to the original article, the thing that worries me is that if Young and Jones are two of the three signings Fergie speaks of, how is that improving our squad ?.
    I don’t see either of them as an improvement, Young is no better than Nani or Valencia, and why would he swap a regular first team place at Villa for the bench at United, the same goes for Jones, he’s hardly likely to displace Rio or Vidic in the centre so his best option appears to be midfield, but can he really oust Fletcher ?.
    I have to admit that if these turn out to be real signings, (as yet there is no official confirmation, and Jones when reported to be having a medical in Manchester was in fact training in Denmark), I am totally baffled by them, especially as this is early for United to be in negotiations, both Fergie and Gill being on holiday.

    I as it seems many expected us to be in the market for a world class midfielder, maybe Sneijder or Sweinsteiger, but it appears that Fergie seems to be content with dominating the Premiership, and riding his luck in Europe, because the present squad have proven twice now that they cannot compete with Barca in a one off match.

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