4 thoughts on “Young on the way…and more transfer gossip

  1. We can do better than Young, Nani is a far better player than him anyway, top of the assists table and 9 goals last season show that, he can only improve even more.
    chasing Nasri or Sneijder yes, they will improve the squad, but Young wont.

  2. Judging from the way things really are:It is pertinent for Sir Alex to buy Young,Nasri ,sneijder and Modric.They are quality players that can Withstand any team in the world.Sir should buy them so man utd become an indomitable team.

  3. @sapper – I don’t think young would add that much – he’s a decent player but that’s about it – he won’t drastically improve things – Nani isd better on what I have seen.

  4. I don’t see Young as a bad signing. Look at Valencia, when he was at Wigan he stood out as one of their better players but when he joined United you could see his full quality with other great players around him. This could prove the same for Young, he’s been at Watford and Aston Villa who are a decent side and when they were in form Young was a starlet for them, he can do the same consistently at United.

    As for Nani – he stays and plays over Young in the winger spot but Young could be that link up between the mids and strikers similar to how Rooney played on and off this season.

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